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How to Choose The Right Linen Clothes

Linen has come a long way recently. That sounds like an insane thing to say about a natural fabric that was being worn by Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, but it’s true. Linen is having a moment, especially linen clothes for men. That’s probably down to a combination of the natural cycle of fashion, and the fact that, last year, the mercury rose past the 40 degree mark on UK thermometers for the first time since records began. Linen does its best work in warm temperatures due to its natural breathability and the fact it’s so incredibly lightweight (it’s all to do with hollow fibers with a slightly more brittle nature that wick moisture etc. etc. – don’t worry about it). There’s another inevitably record-breaking summer on its way, so having a variety of linen fits to choose from is going to be a game-changer. How to choose those items, though?

Styling for everyday wear

As linen can be a little more costly to produce than other fabrics, it’s often thought of as a fabric for a special occasion, but we’re here to tell you that’s a fallacy. Linen is the perfect warm weather fabric. A Cuban Shirt paired with Everyday Linen Trousers or Linen Shorts is a strong choice for a lazy midsummer’s day. How you style this look is down to personality, really. You can’t go wrong with plain shorts and a patterned shirt. If you wake up with confidence streaming out of your ear holes, you might want to go for a matching patterned shirt and shorts combo, e.g. a Kowloon Linen Cuban Shirt and Kowloon Linen Shorts for a strong and bold look. Alternatively, Linen Everyday Trousers will go with just about any Linen Shirt, but we’d recommend mixing up tones here – a Tapestry Linen Cuban with Forest Linen Trousers is an absolute pearler of a combo, for example, blending plain and patterned, colour and neutral tones – perfection.



Tailored for a special day


There is nothing better than a linen suit at a summer event. It’s a brilliant way to give off an air of culturedness whilst staying smart and cool throughout the day and into the evening. We know what some of you are thinking – wrinkles. What if my Linen Suit wrinkles. Firstly, embrace them. Linen naturally wrinkles and it’ll tend to be in the places you’re moving the most – at the elbows, the back of the knees etc. And that’s absolutely fine. These little wrinkles are one of the key factors that contribute to linen’s charisma and, in our opinion, should be celebrated. If you’re dead against any form of wrinkling, however, fret not. A quick steam will have your suit crisp and fresh in no time, and to avoid wrinkling in the wash you can simply let your garments dry naturally on a hanger, or stretch them out a little bit as they dry to keep your suit wrinkle-free. Don’t fear the wrinkle.


What to wear with Linen Trousers?

Just because you’re wearing linen trousers, that doesn’t mean you have to go with a linen shirt too. Quite the contrary. A crisp cotton shirt can be the perfect foil to a good pair of linen trousers. Pairing Percival’s Tailored Linen Trousers in Stone with a crisp cotton shirt and a Tailored Double Breasted Linen Blazer in Navy is a real king fit, providing complimentary variations in texture and tone to create an overall more rounded look. For a more casual look, Everyday Linen Trousers paired with Cuban Shirt with just the right amount of shirt buttons undone can do wonders for a man. It can elevate you from an uncomfortable, clammy mess to an ice cool local who everyone knows owns these streets but nobody ever talks about it. And who wouldn’t want that?



How to wear Linen Shorts

When rocking a pair of linen shorts, you’ve got options. Shirtwise, a cotton tee such as one of Percival’s wide ranging Embroidered Cotton Tees will compliment linen shorts nicely, giving a casual, sporty look, especially when paired with trainers. A short-sleeved Cuban is a perfect match for linen shorts – you simply can’t go wrong there. A long-sleeved linen shirt can also compliment linen shorts wonderfully, especially on those contented summer nights where there’s a hint of a breeze and you’ve had just the right number of negronis so that all feels right in the world. Footwear is probably the most important thing to consider when sporting a short – more on that later.



Picking the right Linen Shirt

For a formal occasion, you’re going to want to go with a Tailored Linen Shirt for that smart, figure complimenting silhouette. That’s a no-brainer. For everyday wear, however, there are a multitude of choices. Percival have a large range of patterned Cuban Linen Shirts, so you’ll find one to suit whatever mood you’re in. In terms of picking the right shirt for a particular outfit, we recommend complementary tones and colours. For example, the Short Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt in Stone goes beautifully with Forest Linen Trousers. Our Short Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt in Light Blue is a perfect match for Natural Linen Trousers. And the Rust Cuban Linen Shirt is a great match for Navy Linen Trousers, with the two hues pairing up, and a healthy amount of contrast between the light shirt and darker trouser.



Never Forget About the Jackets and Blazers

A linen blazer is a glorious thing. Ever seen Miami Vice? Doesn’t matter – imagine it’s the 1980s and you’re the coolest bloke on this ever-rotating ball of land and sea, and you’re very fucking aware of it. You’re cutting about Florida in a linen blazer with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and you are immortal. You are iconic. And it’s 98% due to that blazer. That blazer. The great thing about linen blazers and jackets is that they’re far more stylistically flexible than their traditional woolen or cotton counterparts, as well as being more lightweight and comfortable. Pair them with a plain tee shirt, preferably black, white, or something in between – nothing with much colour, unless you’re really feeling it, and you’re onto a smart-casual winner. Wear it as part of a suit with linen trousers and a cotton shirt, and you’re the smartest carrot in the allotment. Pair it with a roll neck sweater and you’re on intellectual cloud nine. Wear it with cargo pants and we might politely ask you to stop what you’re doing and have a good long think before you do something like that again, and stage an intervention with your nearest and dearest.



Picking the Perfect Shoes – What Shoes to wear with Men’s Linen Pants

A few options here. Linen and boat shoes are an iconic duo. Always have been, always will be. Something about the silhouette just radiates timelessness. A pair of breezy linen shorts and leather loafers senza socks will immediately transport you to the Italian countryside, no matter where you are in the world. You could be sat in your living room vividly hallucinating about Prosecco vineyards and the salty breeze of the Amalfi Coast combing your hair, the sweet aroma of garlic permeating daily life, evenings underscored by nylon-stringed acoustic guitars and cheers for dancing couples outside the café/bar. Alternatively trainers and socks combined with linen trousers or shorts and a cotton tee are a solid look for everyday summer life – practical and stylish. A classic smart shoe will complement a linen suit – no dramas there. Consider your surroundings and the occasion, and you’ll be fine.



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