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How To Wear Men’s Cuban Collar Shirts

What is a Cuban collar Shirt?


Depending on which sources you believe, Cuban shirts are from the Philippines, Mexico, Cuba, and various South American countries simultaneously, dating from, vaguely, the 1800s. Cuban Collar Shirts were a symbol of the working class and represented the everyman. Come the 1950s, Elvis Presley became a champion of the Cuban which, needless to say, threw the Cuban right into the deepest end of the mainstream. Between The King and the admittedly fictional Tony Montana, the Cuban Collar Shirt found itself permanently cemented in popular culture, never to leave.

what is the difference between a regular shirt and a cuban collar?

It’s, erm… it’s the collar. A Cuban has a double-notch one-piece collar. That means they’ve got sort of mini lapelles built in. Regular shirts don’t have this. Cuban’s typically don’t button at the top either, rather laying open and showing a bit of chest by design. As it happens, we make the best Cubans around — see for yourself.




is a cuban collar formal?

Typically no. Cubans can be styled in all kinds of ways but, really, their history is entrenched in the working class and casualwear, especially in hot temperatures. If you’re going for a more formal look, though, you can probably get away with a Cuban at a wedding — not so much at a funeral, unless you are in the actual mafia. For formal fits, look to block colours, such as the Long Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt in Stone, or the Short Sleeve Linen Cuban Shirt in Light Blue.




How to wear a cuban collar shirt?

what do you wear under a Cuban collar shirt?

Traditionally nothing. The Cuban Collar Shirt needs no partner. However, if you fancy going for a more casual approach, a block-colour vest or tee is what you’re after — preferably white, as white compliments everything.




Do you tuck in a Cuban shirt?

Again, traditionally no. You can, though — it can be done. Takes a certain je ne sais quoi. Tucked into a pair of tailored trousers with a slim fit, or a nice pair of tailored shorts, a tucked-in Cuban can do big things but, please, approach with caution. Generally speaking, a Cuban Collar Shirt will look great untucked and aloof. That’s what it was designed for.




How should Cuban Collar Shirts fit?


If you’ve been hitting the callisthenics and are looking to show off your striking lack of body fat, the Cuban ain’t for you, friend. Cubans are louche, they’re boxy, they’re calm. They should have a casual fit — less Fast & Furious, more Sopranos. Less protein shake, more piña colada. That’s not to say they can’t be smart — they can be smart — but they’re not figure-hugging.

Cubans are great hot weather shirts due to their airy fit and open collar. For the ultimate hot weather Cuban, grab yourself a Seersucker Cuban Shirt.




What pants go with a Cuban Shirt?


Straight leg or wide leg trousers are a great accomplice to a Cuban Collar Shirt. They’ll give you that 1950s Elvis Presley look that never truly goes out of style. We’ve got you covered on that front with our Tailored Linen Trousers in Navy or our Pleated Tailored Linen Trousers in Light Blue.


Alternatively, a nice pair of shorts is ideal for that out-of-office, prendiamo-quatro-birre look. Not just any shorts — don’t pair a top quality Cuban Collar Shirt with your Sunday league football shorts — no, instead go for something like our Pleated Linen Shorts in Forest or the Floral Tailored Trousers in Multi.




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