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New Normal

The New Routine

We sat down with 6 industry leading gents and spoke routines.

Tom Codd  

Key Account and IRE Territory manager for Original Penguin / Perry Ellis

I am a fashion design graduate and have worked in the industry for over ten years, initially running my own brand Thomas Codd London and for the four years working in wholesale. 

Despite always playing amateur football and being reasonable fit I have never been into running until a 5k nomination during lockdown, I instantly got the bug and from April to Sep I trained to run a full marathon for Cystic Fibrosis. The whole experience was rewarding physically, mentally and the fundraising for CF was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Tom Cockram  


Lifestyle, sport and portrait Photographer born in Jersey, now based in London.

Big love for running, boxing and surfing and any thing near the sea.

Favourite bird Peregrine Falcon.

Part of the 100 club rambling society and set up Tottenham run club.

What’s your New Routine - 

A lot more time out the studio either running, open water swimming or cycling getting out of the city as much as possible. Taking more time to appreciate down time and taking work as it comes.

Raoul Shah  

Founder & Joint CEO of Exposure

I started Exposure in 1993. I grew the business in 1994 allowing me to buy an integrated phone/fax machine. By 1997 I had a business partner (equally sharing good/bad). Today we manage a £30M + revenue Group between London, NYC and Paris employing 250 creative and inspiring individuals. 

We have the privilege and responsibility to work with some of the greatest brands on the planet, many of whom have been clients for decades. Thank you Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Dr. Martens, Converse, Nike, Barbour, Uniqlo and many others for giving us the opportunity.

The agency is built on some simple and consistent foundations that permeate through every aspect of our work. We are inclusive, diverse, creative and curious. Above all, we love the energy and ideas we get from working with minds that are progressive and entrepreneurial. Together we get a lot done. As the late, great Joe Strummer said “Without People You’re Nothing.”

I recently published my first book ‘Do Not Disturb’ featuring a collection of hotel door hangers, started in 1980. I support the ‘Create Not Hate’ campaign and I’m Chairman of the charity ‘Creative Conscience.’ My escape from the city takes me to Annecy in France.

My 2020 routine...

Focus on the important people around you – near & far. Stay in touch and write more.

Prioritise your time to make it count. Never waste a minute.

Read more, stay fit, eat well and take an active role in what’s happening around you. Be active in your mind, body and soul.

Give more than you take. Be kind and uninhibited in your generosity.

Harlem Eubank 

Professional Boxer

I'm a professional fighter with a record of 10-0, wholefood plant based vegan 5 years. I'm very passionate about health and movement along with nutrition are two of the main components for good health.

New routine- 6am wake up sea dip, (cold water treatment to start the day ) 🌊 breakfast usually 1 litre smoothie almond milk and rawsport toffee protein blend 🌱 with added nuts & seeds, head up to the boxing gym for a 2 hour technical session, back down to Brighton, nap & train again in the evening.


Bobby Groves 


Oyster man from Maldon, Essex. Author of the book Oyster Isles. Love Punk music and Newcastle United (Geordie Dad)

Travel to the coasts to select the best oysters for the people of a London. Supporting oyster farmers and fishermen of the UK & Ireland.


Bobby pictured in Blue Twill Overshirt

Felipe Serradourada Guimarães 

Creative Director and Partner at BBH

Born in Brasil lived all over the world and now settling in London for the time being.

Usually get woken up by my 3 month old baby, have a few giggles in bed as that's when he's the funniest. Have a shower and then go out to grab a coffee as it's my fave thing of the day. Then I either stay at home or to to the studio to work. I usually spend a couple hours of the day helping out with the little one. 

Then at the end of the day, I love cooking and I'm a new found plant base eater so loving trying some new stuff in the kitchen. Then do a bit of furniture shopping as I've just bought a new house, and go to bed.


Felipe pictured in Walnut Tapestry Workshir

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