Perci Personnel… Guljeet Samra

Percival's Chief Commercial Officer

We’ve all been in those meetings where the person in charge says “OK, let’s go around the room and everyone say something interesting about themselves. It’ll be fun!” It is not fun. It is a form of HR-sanctioned torture.

Well, this is like that but even worse! And for your amusement. We’re going around the office to introduce the team behind your favourite brand. (We are your favourite brand, right?)


First up: Guljeet!

What do you do at Percival?
I’m Percival’s Chief Commercial Officer

Sounds fancy. What does it mean?
I’m in charge of the money 💸



Good to know. Any chance of a pay rise?

Fair play tbh. What did you do before Percival?
I worked for Hearst Magazines – which publishes titles like Esquire, Elle, Men’s Health and Cosmo 💅🏾 – running their commercial operations function for eight years.

Three words that describe you. Go!
Er, I have one: Meddler

OK, Meddler, how do you take your tea?
VERY milky. 🥛




Wrong answer. You’ve got control of the office Spotify: what are you putting on?
Little Mix, the Hamilton soundtrack, and probably some Taylor Swift. And I’m not even sorry. 🤣

We are. Favourite item on the site right now?
It has to be the beautiful Casentino pieces, and quite specifically the electric blue blanket workshirt. 🔥

Excellent choice. 👏 Pet peeve in the office?
The lack of Little Mix on the Spotify playlists.




Not sorry. What’s the most over-used word/phrase in the office right now?
NFT. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Hey, we put the fun in non-fungible. Post-work drink of choice?
Oh god I am not fussy but an Eastern Standard will always win. 🍸




Two Eastern Standards over here please, barman. Guljeet, what’s your secret talent?
I am actually quite good at floristry. 💐

Any good book recommendations? 📚
Please read Kenya Hunt’s GIRL: Essays on Black Womanhood. It’s amazing, and she’s amazing.

Ordering it right now. Go-to karaoke song?
Spice Girls, Say You’ll Be There.

Yeah, we probably won’t be. 👀