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Ideal crew getting it together for our SS16 today. Shot by Olly Grove, hair by Jo Mills of Joe&Co, modelled by Boyd Alves of Elite. A special thanks to Richard Biedul who stepped out from in front of the camera to lend us his skills behind it in a styling role.

Tastes of the day were carrot sticks and hummus, sounds of the day were Modern Basketball

This season we wanted a range of custom prints that captured the eclectic and cultural diversity of the Silk Road, from the Kilim rugs of the Ottoman Empire to the kimono prints of Kyushu Island. At the centre of the collection is the Ottoman Work suit, for which we’ve reworked our classic outershirt and trousers, printed in our custom Kilim multicolour indigo pattern. We’ve also produced with shorts in the same Kilim print. Our classic Percival long sleeve cut is always popular, so this season we’ve introduced a beautiful Kashgar town & Hangzhou Garden print for this fit.

September 28, 2016 by christopher gove