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Is Linen Sustainable?

What is linen fabric? How is linen fabric made? Who Even Am I?

Is Linen Sustainable?


First of all, well done you for asking. You’ve come one step closer to being the sort of person who everyone just LOVES to talk to at a supper club. Seriously though, yes it is. In fact, linen is one of the most sustainable and biodegradable fabrics in fashion history. It makes you look great too – like the doctor in an Indiana Jones movie. Or an Egyptian Mummy.

What is linen fabric?


You know that person running across the park on a hot day, yet looking like they’re in a perfume ad? Linen clothing. Or the only guest at the summer wedding not frantically fanning themselves? Mens linen pants outfit. Or the 32,000 year old corpse, stylishly wrapped in an off-white ribbon? Linen. Linen is a breathable, sustainable but most importantly, incredibly stylish fabric. It is 36,000 years old yet still looks FANTASTIC. It can be used for anything – bedding, curtains, tea towels – but looks particularly good as a men’s pants outfit.




What is linen made of?


Nobody knows! Some say it is woven by fairies, some say it is genuine sloth bedding. Others say it is from flax, a plant with adorable little blue and purple flowers, which are brutally destroyed so that you can look like you’re on a riverboat. Not really. It’s actually an incredibly sustainable plant. It requires fewer resources and less water to grow and process than other crops, like cotton. It also grows without the need for pesticides and chemicals. You could say Flax is the ultimate Flex (but you won’t because you are a 38 year old father of two).




Is linen environmentally friendly?


Oh yes. If linen was a person it would be a combination of Greta Thurnberg and those people that pick litter in the parks on a Saturday morning. It is made from the highly sustainable flax plant, grows without needing pesticides and chemicals. It’s strong, so can last decades, and if it’s left untreated it’s fully biodegradable. In fact, it’s even better than those litter-pickers! Shame on you, litter-pickers. Shame.




Is 100% linen sustainable?


Does Monica Geller like cleaning? If there was a Golden Globes for sustainable fabric, 100% linen would be up on that stage thanking its parents, Mr and Mrs Flax. Cotton would graciously smile and then go and cry in the toilets. Linen is a natural fibre, it actually reduces your CO2 footprint, it uses less water than most fabrics, it’s grown and produced locally, it’s biodegradable and recyclable, and it lasts bloody ages! So when you’re picking out your mens linen suit, make sure it’s a good one.


Is flax linen sustainable??


Put it this way – if someone invented or discovered flax linen today, they would probably win a Nobel prize for sustainability. Or at least get retweeted by David Attenborough. Or Lily Allen. Flax Linen is a naturally grown plant, requires no chemicals to grow and produce, uses less water than cotton, is biodegradable, good for the soil, and makes an excellent mens linen pants outfits. It can also perform the dance to Beyonce’s ‘Hold ‘Em Up’ at x2 speed.


Is linen biodegradable?


If left untreated (not dyed) it is fully biodegradable . Luckily it comes in some rather nice natural colours, such as ivory, ecru, tan and grey, which interestingly are great shades for mens pant suits! So feel free to throw your old suit straight onto the compost heap. It will not frighten the neighbours at all.



What fabrics are not sustainable?


Polyester, acrylic, rayon, nylon. Basically every children’s World Book Day outfit ever made.




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