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About Us

Based in Hackney, East London, Percival menswear combines a classic quintessential British sense of style and rare, internationally sourced fabrics and materials. This of course means we construct high quality garments all over the world over with skilled craftspeople.

We serve some of the rarest designer clothing with our seasonal collections. We aim to bring something different to your clothes hangers, to provide a bit of self style and pride, you look good when you wear it this well. These are quality menswear garments that always meet our rule of ‘Subverting the Classics’.

We also produce premium wardrobe staples with our Auxiliary ‘Routine Critical Daily Goods’ collection. These pieces are designed as the building blocks of every outfit of every day and can easily be paired with our directional pieces. Easy.

The Percival People

Our flagship Sherlock Waterproof coat has been on the back of England manager, Gareth Southgate during the 2021 Euros.

Our summer knit - the Impressionist shirt has donned Chris Evans on the red carpet, celebrity style. Our linen suits have been recently worn by David Beckham, he has two of these intelligent gent casual looks. These people are great, and if you share your name I can add you to this list - who, what, wear. Percival People.

A great outfit isn’t just built on garments alone


We make our garments all over the world, not just our hometown of London, it has evolved that way as we source our fabrics the world over - if we like the fabric, we will find a way to make it into a garment for you. We are always looking for new suppliers as well as developing with our existing craftspeople - relationships are important.

We are always striving to improve, why rest. From Italy to Japan for fabrics, Portugal and China for technical knitwear and worked-into garments - all over embroidery, technical outerwear, formal and casual suiting and overshirt or cuban collar co-ord looks.

We are as environmentally and ethically conscious as possible - we use organic cotton and recycled materials, one of our main suppliers has invested in solar energy to power their factory and we exclusively use compostable garment bags. We’re committed to doing what we can. At Percival, we focus on making products that are timeless, products of better quality, products that can stand the test of wear and time - quality designer clothes that last.

The Team

We are a solid team, an extended family of 30 who design, produce, shoot, design and build this fine website, which is open 24/7 - crazy! We also run a pub-come-store in Soho, London; The Percival Arms. Everyone and anyone is welcome, it is well located and is a menswear store, first and foremost. Honest. Check instore for VIP service and styling advice.


We are of course inspired by good things, aren’t we all? Monochrome marble, coffee (don’t talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee), Japanese wood block prints, David Lynch, football, vintage knitwear and high quality menswear products of course. We love biscuits, much a debate about the best biscuit. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we try to stay positive amongst all the goings on, we try to bring some laughs and we enjoy putting together some menswear looks from quality kit.

A great outfit isn’t just built on garments alone, it involves you, our customers. Some of our customers have been with us for 10+ years now, we appreciate that and we appreciate and listen to what our customer tells us. We aim to have a unique aesthetic and inclusive style and that involves you. Thank you.

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