About Us

Based in East London's Hackney, Percival combines a quintessentially British sense of understated style and rare, internationally-sourced fabrics and materials...

Basically, we produce classic wardrobe staples, but will bring something different to your clothes hangers, hence the term ‘Subverting the Classics’.

We are a team of 15 who design, produce and shoot everything from our London studio. We don’t believe in rigid, out-dated fashion business models of strict seasons and industry ‘drop’ dates.

We make small collections often, to keep the offering fresh and varied. We sell direct to the customer to ensure our products are as cost-effective as possible. 


Yessss of course we’re inspired by minimalist architecture, monochrome marble, matte black coffee pots, Japanese wood block prints and David Lynch.

BUT we also love super noodles, James Acaster, anime, gardening and rating top 3 biscuits once a week (it changes more often than you’d think).

Our best selling embroidery is an Octopus dressed as a sushi chef, and our best selling Cuban shirt is a patterned ramen bowl... need I say more.

We‘ll make damn sure quality and service are top notch, but don’t take menswear too seriously! No tagging us in selfies pre-tinder or post-gym. However you'll get a repost for pre-biscuit or post-ramen.

See our Instagram for more evidence of LOLZ etc, and stay positive guys, they’re making a Matrix 4... that’s the sort of thing that keeps you going in the wake of a no-deal Brexit.

Our BEST-SELLING embroidery is an
Octopus dressed as a sushi chef... need
we say more?


We make clothes all over the planet, it’s evolved that way through 8 years of trial and error. From just down the road in London for short run outerwear, shirts and embroidery. Italy for the finest fabrics. Portugal for wool knits, Japan for original artwork and printed fabrics. China for outerwear and knitwear.

When it comes to ethics, where we can we're being as environmentally conscious as possible. 

We’re switching to biodegradable and compostable garment bags, reducing pesky plastic and sourcing new suppliers to make even better products. We are working with suppliers that have reduced their water consumption (some by up to ⅔ per garment, more on this later) and making products that are timeless, products of better quality, thus reducing the need to buy more! How’s that!

We are constantly looking for ways to use organic and recycled materials, any ideas or manufacturing leads welcome!! Email hello@percivalclo.com

The Embroidery T-shirt

Whilst we are debating over the gauge of our lambswool knits or are thumbing through vast catalogues of different wale corduroy, ideas often boil up. Or even in our sleep, trust me. 

The embroidery T has the purest design process of them all. Someone comes into the office and shouts.. “What about an underwater style princess riding a lobster!?” So, we go ahead and just make it…Fun.


Want a slice of the action? Percival Wholesale will launch soon.

For any enquiries please contact mads@percivalclo.com.