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Men's Personal Styling

Welcome to the age of Personal Styling

What is personal?
The Percival Personal Styling Experience provides you with a one-on-one shopping reality with one of our qualified styling experts.

What is Styling?
Our styling experts will guide you through the vast collection, brushed knits, celebrity endorsed knit styles, to name two.
You will be able to find your fit and garments to suit any occasion. Garments can be exchanged for cash, contactless or you could try to barter.

How does it work?

In-Store Appointment

Kind of does what it says on the tin to be honest. A one-on-one appointment at our Soho store, which doubles as a pub, The Percival Arms. We'll do the work for you, clothes presented, fitted, folded. No stress.

Video Appointment

Remember Zoom? Yeah, google meet, facetime, it's all online these days. Can't make it to the store come pub? Styling can come to the privacy of your own home.

Group Appointment

Footy team, peloton, cousins, whatever. Not so personal shopping as 'group' would indicate more than one person.
But still a styling session nonetheless (could be spelt Nun the less) Few beers on offer too. Don't be shy.

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Our Personal Stylist will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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