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Linen Clothing Care Guide


With its airy and breathable texture, linen is the perfect choice to take you from brunch to the beach this Summer. Like all good things, linen needs a little bit of care to keep it looking fresh, so we devised this handy care guide to steer you in the right direction of how to wash a linen shirt.

How to wash linen clothes?


Step 1: Preparing your washing liquid

We recommend hand washing your linens with a delicate hand wash detergent, washing similar colours together. Swirl the water around to make sure the detergent is fully mixed in.


Step 2: Soaking and washing the linen

Place the garment in the water, gently moving it around so it’s fully submerged. Ball it up and give it a squeeze to make sure the detergent is soaked in, gently massage any areas that particularly need washing.
avoid scrubbing as this can stretch the fabric.


Step 3: Rinsing the soap away

Rinse fully under cold water until no soapy bubbles wash out.
(If changing between washing dark and light fabrics, we recommend starting with new water to avoid any potential colour transfer)


Step 4: Squeezing out excess water

Do not wring out the garments – this will distort the fabric. Instead, scrunch the garment into a ball and gently squeeze out excess water.


Step 5: Drying your linen clothes

Hang up to air dry (we recommend buttoning up shirts to retain the shape) – do not tumble dry.


Step 6: Eliminating any creases

Reshape while damp to reduce creases. Linen looks great slightly creased, but if you want a crisper look, iron on low while damp.

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