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Percival x High Performance


We caught up with the High Performance podcast hosts, Jake and Damien, to chat about their plans for 2024 and our new merch collection.

We’ve created a collection with High Performance designed to become part of your daily routine. A capsule collection of wardrobe staples, that go with everything and make look and feel ready for the day ahead. Each piece also has hidden messages that will help give you focused and inspired as we move into 2024.


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Happy new year! How have you tried to start your 2024 right?

Jake: I tried to start 2024 right by doing the things that I actively don’t want to do. There’s loads of research that says attacking the things you don’t want to do early in the day can actually make a real difference to your mindset. So, I’ve made a deal with myself not to press the snooze button and to exercise five days a week, especially when I don’t feel like it. Trying to do things when I don’t feel like doing them is the aim for this year.


What was your inspiration for starting the podcast originally?

Jake: I’d spent my life surrounded by high performing individuals, but felt like we didn’t know them. Everyone had an opinion about people who were in the public eye based on what they achieved, but what someone achieves isn’t who someone is.

We wanted to get to know who these people really were; what made them tick, the things they loved and hated, what they found easy or struggled with. Soon we started to realise that there’s nothing special about high performing or high achieving people, just that they’ve found an algorithm for success that we can all learn from.




In case any of our audience haven’t heard the pod (where have they been?!) could you share some backstory on High Performance and the quotes included in the collection?

Damien: High Performance explores the lives of the planet’s highest performers, from sportspeople to business leaders, entertainers to musicians. We take the unique experiences and expertise from every guest, and discover how they can help us all to unlock our own version of High Performance in everyday life. The quotes across the Percival x High Performance line represent of our core values, based on the learnings from over 250 inspirational conversations over the last 4 years.


What’s coming soon this year for High Performance?

Damien: 2024 is another really exciting year for High Performance. We’ve just launched the new High Performance App, which takes our conversations to another level with bonus content, exclusive episodes and series, as well as new formats like masterclasses and keynotes.

In March, we’re also hosting our very own Half Marathon in collaboration with RunThrough, to raise funds for the High Performance Foundation.

Looking ahead, we’re planning multiple inspiring live events to bring our amazing community together, as well as continuing to spend time with even more of the world’s highest performers.




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