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Product straight out of the development lab. Rare pieces, re-imagined and re-worked.

 PerciLab: Launching Our Reworked Vintage Denim Clothing


What Is PerciLab?


Percival – Subverting the Classics. The PerciLab, reinventing, or let us say in this instance – reworking the classics. Percival styles are made to last with quality fabrics, be timeless and carried over from season to season, with a peppering of frequent spices. We’ve been making our famous Overshirt for 6 years now. Some other styles have been with us since the start – 10 years ago.

A One-Off, Reworked Approach

Championing Circular Fashion


But you are here for the headline, what is The PerciLab? While searching for fabrics, factories and being deep in the process of development and design, we constantly come across different opportunities, or new skills, that we want to share. We want to use this knowledge and energy to extend the life of garments while sharing the process of what we do. Product straight out of the development lab. Rare pieces, re-imagined and re-worked.

For PerciLab 01, we had the opportunity to work with some vintage denim jackets. We wanted to re-work them into the start of a circular fashion, reselling, garment repair and upcycling strategy. Creating solutions that turn old clothes into a new form. Re-working clothing is quite simple, take an older or less worn item and add something to it, maybe updating the fit whilst you’re there.



Introducing Our Reworked Vintage Denim Jackets

Hand made from Levi’s & Wrangler Denim Jackets


So, what have we done? We’ve unpicked vintage Levi’s and Wrangler denim jackets, all in different sizes, and worked the pieces into a larger roll of fabric and re-cut into our famous Overshirt style. Bingo.

Sounds simple, but it’s taken some skilled people a lot of hours. When you love what you do…Something we’ve never done before, working denim into our Overshirt style. Denim is of course known for being a hard wearing fabric and aging perfectly with wear.

Each one of these pieces are one of one, unique, completely individual. Each will wear well, each will wear differently.



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