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5 minutes with… Illwookie

Five minutes with the artist behind our latest collab

Our latest collaboration drops this week, featuring the work of illustrator Will Richards, aka IllWookie. We’ve long-admired the Brighton-based artist, his style a distinctive mash-up of tattoo art, hard rock iconography, old-school branding and more. Now, it features on a capsule edit of our classic tees and hoodies.

We caught up with Will to talk about the designs and his creative process.

How would you describe your work? What’s your trademark style?
I would describe my work as fun, playful and lighthearted for the most part. Using bold linework with a simple, striped back colour palette and incorporating interesting typefaces and compositions. Although I would also say that my style is always evolving, I’m constantly trying to push myself to try new methods of making work and learn new skills.


What inspires you creatively?
What inspired me most currently is finding new techniques and ways of making work, then seeing how that affects what I create. Like a lot of artists I can find inspiration in almost anything and it’s a constantly revolving door. At the moment I am obsessed with some real nerdy stuff like Dungeons and Dragons, Norse mythology & Kaiju (science fiction/fantasy godzilla-esq creatures from Japanese TV shows).

Why is Percival a good fit for you?
I’ve always loved to see how my work translates into embroideries, and no one does it better than Percival. Plus, you’re a really fun bunch!


We’ve got to ask about the name: why IllWookie?
One time I found an old drawing I had done of Chewbacca in a sling, on a drip & wearing a eye patch and I was like “damn, that’s an ill wookie”. Then when I was looking for something more exciting than my own name to release work under, that just came to mind and wasn’t taken as a username on any platform! It’s stupid really…


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Stay hydrated.

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.