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5 Minutes with… Kamwei Fong



Find out more about our second limited edition drop in collaboration with illustrator Kamwei Fong. His work mainly focuses on the natural world, and his creations are often described as imaginative and dream-like.

Our collaboration focuses on The Furry Thing, a series of furry cat illustrations first created by Kamwei back in 2009. We’ve re-created some of these illustrations as screenprints and embroidery designs to create this Limited Edition collection.

We caught up with Kamwei to discover more about The Furry Thing.



Hey Kamwei! Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
I’ve loved art since I was a kid. I majored in Multimedia and Interactive design at Art college and then went on to work in Web and Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Branding and Advertising for almost two decades, before becoming a full time artist.

What inspires you creatively?
From everywhere! From all encounters, from social media, from books I read, from my own cat Kiki, and cats from my neighbourhood. From my past experiences and own imagination.

Tell us more about The Furry Thing series. 

I developed The Furry Thing style by accident. The process helps me to stay focused, just like meditation. I felt like I was the only one left in this entire world while working on the drawings, adding fur one after another. It’s calming and therapeutic. It’s a happy accident! During my day in the creative agency years ago, I spent my time doodling on my job briefs and recycled papers while waiting for client’s feedback. In early February 2009, inadvertently I created my first piece, Kitty No.1. I called it “The Furry Thing”. After three years, I created Kitty No.2&3 in January 2012. Both the process and result are satisfying, the satisfaction pushes me to further develop and expand the series. By working on The Furry Thing artwork, I eventually created a Catopia, “Wonderfurryland” that is filled with quirky and fun creatures, mysterious objects, the world is full of surprises and my imagination.

What (so far) has been your proudest moment as an artist?

I just want to be happy and do what I love, what I am passionate about. So naturally, you will avoid things that you hate and look for (or be attracted by) something you are really interested in. That’s my drive and the inspiration for my work. So my proudest moment as an artist is to be happy and at the same time enjoy doing what I love.

What’s next for you?

I don’t have any plans for the future. I only take care of present, and enjoy all the things I do at the moment. Thinking about the future makes me nervous and it’s redundant to do as it’s not here yet. I prefer to follow the flow, what I’ve done today will lead me somewhere tomorrow. It’s better to think like that.

Launching 15.01.23 





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