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Autumn / Winter Coat & Jacket Buying Guide




Winter is coming. Well, autumn is coming, but winter won’t be far behind. Either way, colder weather is in the offing, and it’s time to start thinking about that most important of menswear choices, your aesthetic identity for the chilly season – the men’s Winter coat.

It’s difficult, though, isn’t it? Choosing something you’re going to wear more regularly than pretty much everything else in your wardrobe comes with a lot of pressure. It’s like choosing a new phone or buying a dog, or getting married. You are wedding yourself to your new purchase for at least the next six months or so, so you’d better be sure about it. We’re here to help. Read our handy guide to choosing the perfect autumn/winter coat for you, and avoid a messy divorce come January.


The Pea Coat

A winter staple that flies out of our warehouse every year. We’ve kept the cut exactly the same since the day we designed it because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. And this cut is not broken. It is the opposite of broken. It is unbreakable. A single-breasted wool/polyester blend with hole horn buttons and available and a range of colours. Every self-respecting man should own a Pea Coat.

The Trench Coat

Now hear us out. We know this is an investment piece but it is SO worth it for the warmth alone (and the fact you’ll be one of the most stylish men alive). Layering this trench over a nice knitted sweater, pair of white jeans, loafers or sneakers is a simple but VERY effective look this Autumn Winter. It also comes in navy, black & olive. Come back to us and let us know how many compliments you get. If you get none, still come back please.

Pleated Denton Jacket

A true all-rounder. This one features a Japanese-inspired slightly cropped fit, making it perfect for layering or as the focal point of a lighter fit for those milder autumn evenings. It’s got pockets all over the place and is designed with a luxurious cotton/suede fabric. Available in understated navy, or a particularly superb peach, the Pleated Denton will last you through the winter and well into warmer climes.

The Waterproof Sherlock

We’ve been making Sherlocks for a while now, and there’s a reason for that. As men’s waterproof jackets go, the Sherlock is pretty much unbeatable. Each one perfectly cut from Italian cloth, made in London, waterproof as wax-sealed walnut in a wellington boot, and available in a wide variety of colour combinations, the Sherlock is a trench for the ages, It’s also shockingly lightweight. You can’t go far wrong with one of these sleuthy gems, made and numbered in the very city Sherlock Holmes called home.

Waterproof Workshirt

The Waterproof Workshirt should be a perennial part of your winter wardrobe rotation. Have one for each day of the week if you can. Perfect for layering, smart as a carrot, versatile, durable, water-resistant, goes with everything, made from Italian technical bonded cotton blend fabric, produced in London biiiiig internal pockets. A utility shirt if ever there was one.

The Waterproof Trench

You know the Sherlock we just told you about? So, imagine if that was a bit longer – you’ve got yourself a Waterproof Trench. Sometimes a longer cut just rounds off a winter ‘fit nicely. We could’ve designed a whole new coat, started from scratch. But sometimes you have to recognise the beauty right under your nose, and the Sherlock-based Waterproof Trench is a perfect example of that. You won’t find a better lightweight trench on the market.

Blanket Workshirts – Casentino Wool

Our Blanket Workshirts are ideal for those scenic autumn walks. Wear them as an outer, or layered under a water-resistant jacket, they’re a staple of your cold-weather wardrobe. Don’t take our word for it, though – let Charlie Teasdale, Style Director at Esquire, tell you:

“Casentino wool, made in the Tuscan town of the same name, is like fleece, but better. It’s tougher, a little bobbly-er, but with a lower profile, so it’s perfect for layering!”

Told you.

Our Casentino Wool Blanket Workshirts are available in a wide range of colourways – that Forest one is just… lord have mercy on our wretched souls.

The Wax Mac

As versatile as they come. It’s water-resistant due to that lovely fluorocarbon finish, it boasts a neat button-down front, and timeless style. The mustard finish is as classic as it gets, and its removable hood is a great touch. Don’t think we’ve skimped on the collar because of that hood, though. The Wax Mac looks super smart without the hood, and the absolute cane’s cojones with it. The perfect men’s waterproof jacket.

The Marshal Shearling

This one’s for life. It’s a proper investment. The quality is so high that we only made thirty of them – each one numbered for authenticity. The Marshal Shearling was a watershed moment for us, and it will be a watershed winter jacket for you. Inspired by Del Boy himself, the Marshal Shearling has London at its core. It’s made in London from 100% real shearling – suede surface on one side, clipped wool on the other. The suede is tanned and dressed with the wool left on, meaning it’s denser, yet more breathable and flexible than synthetic equivalents. As good as it gets, essentially.

There you go. Your Autumn/Winter men’s coat guide. Whatever the shorter days have in store for you, you’ll be warm, dry, and looking exceptional.





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