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Crochet Clothing Care Guide

What is crochet?


This ain’t your momma’s needlework. Well, it could be, but we don’t know if your mum could make garms like this. No disrespect to her, of course. Crochet is made by weaving loops of thread with a hooked needle. Like a shepherd’s crook, but smaller. Obviously. 



What is the process of crocheting?

I’ll be honest, it’s a bit fiddly. You set up a chain of stitches that sets the length for the fabric you need, then you build up from that chain to construct your pattern. Like a lot of sewing techniques, it’s got its own language – chains, gauge, ease. All very important if you want to crochet yourself. And you can! But honestly, you may be better off letting us do it for you. Our crochet shirts aren’t self-assembly. So that should free up your evenings.


Is all crochet made by hand?

Yes indeed. If it’s machine made, it’s not crochet. That’s something I learned just now. Our Percival crochet collection is made by hand. I’m not sure whose. I’m sure we can find out. 

How to wash crochet clothes?

Handmade clothes are long lasting and reliable. They’ll look after you for years. You just need to love them back a little bit.


Can you hand wash crochet?

Can you? You must! Soak or gently rub your crochet shirt in soapy water. A nice little detergent-y bubble bath, maybe a splash of fabric softener. Light some candles if you like, stick on a bit of Lionel Richie, dim the lights. This is a special, magical time. Chuck a sock on the door handle. You don’t want to be disturbed. Never, never twist or scrub. This shirt is your friend. How would you like it if someone dumped you in a bucket and wrung you out? 

Gently, gently soak your shirt, until clean, then drain it off and rinse with fresh water until all the soap is gone. Remember what I said about not wringing it out? Still don’t do that. Squeeze out as much water as you can. Think of it as a massage. Try and avoid gracelessly scooping it up, as the weight of the water may stretch it out. Crochet can stretch. It doesn’t like to. Don’t make it. Take the time. Invest in the relationship. 

Can you put crochet clothes in the washing machine?

Would you put your dog in the washing machine? Or a beloved aunt? No. Don’t do it. It’s mean and brutal. 

If you’re going to ignore me and do it anyway, please don’t. 

If that entreaty still fell on deaf ears, then put your crochet in a laundry bag to stop it getting tangled and wash it delicately. But really, don’t. It’s just going to make your shirt hate you. You don’t want that. They never forget.

What temperature do you wash crochet?

Like all Percival garms, our crochet shirts are cool. However, unlike some others, they’re a little more fussy about it. Cool water is your friend. Not ice cold, because that will be grim for you when hand washing, but cool enough that you can give them their spa treatment without feeling like they’re having a bath.


Does crochet shrink after washing?

It can! This is why you need to be kind to your clothes. #kindnessforclothing

Chunkier knits or looser stitches are more likely to shrink when washing, and overly warm water will make it worse, but if you look after your clothes as I have described, they’ll live long and prosper. 

How to dry crochet clothes

Once you have finished washing your clothes, and lifted them from their tepid pool, lay them out on a towel on a drying rack. Reshape them as though they were a lump of clay and you were a ghost sitting behind Demi Moore. Don’t hang them. No one likes being hung up for 24 hours. Laid out on a towel, reshaped and turned occasionally. Lovely. Sounds like a holiday I went on once.

Are crochet clothes comfortable?

Do you think we’d sell you uncomfortable clothes? Who do you think we are? Comfortable, breathable, layerable, all of the -ables. The Percival crochet collection is like all of our garms: made with care and attention to get you feeling as good inside and out as it is possible for one person to humanly feel. These garms are perfect year-round, and come into their own in the summer. Thrown on with a pair of shorts and you’re beers-in-the-park ready. Try it. You’ll never look back.

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