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Exploring The Waffle Weave Fabric – Mens Summer Clothes

What is waffle weave fabric?

Waffle weave fabric is exactly what you think it is. Unless you think it might be fabric made out of waffles, like something Willy Wonka might make a bathrobe out of. Willy Wonka’s bathrobe… What a thought. It’s not that. Waffle weave fabric is generally made from cotton and it looks like waffles. Some people call it honeycomb fabric but we don’t think that’s very accurate. Bees aren’t making square or rectangular patterns when they make honeycomb — bees are simps for a hexagon — so we’ll be sticking to waffle, thank you very much.

How do you make it, though? So, you take your plain weave, and you arrange some warp and weft floats of varying lengths around that plain centre, creating interlacing ridges in a square or rectangular pattern. What you end up with is a beautiful, distinctive, three-dimensional waffle pattern.



What is waffle knit fabric?

Ultimately, the difference between waffle knit and waffle weave comes down to the difference between knitting and weaving. Weaving, as you’ve learned, consists of two fabrics (vertical warp and horizontal weft) being intertwined with one another. Knitting is essentially the process of one yarn being looped through itself to create the desired pattern. Waffle knit is generally a bit more elastic than waffle weave as it will stretch a little in all directions. Waffle knit may also be a little bulkier than waffle weave, although this isn’t always the case.



Why is waffle weave fabric good for clothes?

Waffle weave is super-soft, giga-comfortable, and very, very absorbent. By design, it’s a pretty loose and textured weave, which means it has space to gather all that excess moisture and take it away from your skin. It won’t crease, and it’ll stretch and contract with your body, making it perfect for loungewear and daytime chilling by a picturesque body of water.



What are the benefits of waffle weave?


Is waffle fabric warm?

Waffle fabric can be warm. Because of its particularly three-dimensional texture, it creates a layer of air between the fabric and the skin that will keep you warm in cooler weather. If worn as a layering piece, waffle fabric will be particularly warming.


Why is waffle fabric good for summer?

That absorbency. Waffle fabric will take that sweat away from your skin, providing a cooling effect to counteract the natural warmth of the material, especially when the fabric is in direct contact with the skin.



Our summer waffle clothes collection


Waffle jackets

Our Waffle Workshirt is a fantastic option for summer evening drinks, outdoor meals, late walks along the canal, or post-barbecue wind-down drinks. Softer than a spaniel puppy’s ears, and it’ll deal with all that lingering summer sweat. They’re 100% cotton and they come in a lovely Aqua or rich Ink.


Waffle Trousers

Have you ever wished you could have both of your legs hugged at the same time? Have you ever wanted to say to your pals, “Excuse me, sorry. Would you mind just cuddling my legs, please? Both of my legs. Could you cuddle them, please?” Our Waffle Everyday Trousers are here to fill that niche in your most primal of desires. A relaxed fit and nothing but cotton. You’re gonna love them.


Waffle shorts

After a little more breeze around the old calves? The old baby cows. Sometimes you just need to air the pins, and we understand that. There’s a strong argument to be made for our Waffle Shorts being the most comfortable item of clothing ever produced by anyone. Anyway, we’ve waffled on for long enough. Take us out of the toaster — we’re done.



Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.