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Father’s Day Gift Edit



Father’s Day is the most frustrating day of the year. It shouldn’t be, but it is. There is no more difficult person in this world to buy a gift for than a dad. I once got my dad a really thoughtful gift that I thought he’d love—still in the plastic wrapping to this day. My brother bought him an inflatable seagull for £1—he thought it was hilarious and we remember it a decade later. It’s an artform, not a science.

Obviously there are clichés: Your whiskies, your slippers, your sporting biographies. The thing is, if you’re reading this, you’re a highly distinguished person who doesn’t do clichés. That’s a given. So what do you do? Do you go on one of those personalised message websites and pay Bruce Grobbelaar to say “Happy Father’s Day, Steve la!”? Do you hell. You come to Percival. You let us solve all your Father’s Day problems with our handy gift guide. So here you go—gift inspiration to make your old man’s day.


The Pub Dad

A solid type of dad. The dad who will challenge you to a game of pool, as if it’s a bonding experience, lose the first match sloppily, taking big gulps of Caffrey’s, then feign annoyance that he’s lost and challenge you to a rematch. For money this time. Obviously he obliterates you in the rematch because he’s actually brilliant at pool and has just hustled a tenner out of you under the pretense of “teaching you a lesson about money”. Cheers, Dad.



“[He] has just hustled a tenner out of you”

The Footy Dad

For the match-going dad. Our Co-Ords are perfect for the dad who dedicates his weekend to the footy. Smart enough that he’s going to be by far the best-dressed of his mates at the match, casual enough that he’s not going to look like the club chairman trying to win over the fans by sitting among them in the stands.



“Zaddy drip”

The Wedding Dad

For the summer wedding dad. When you’re a dad with adult kids, the summer weddings come thick and fast. Many a dad struggles with the summer wedding. They wear their best (and only) suit, they’re too hot within minutes, they can’t take their jacket off because they’re already sweating buckets, they drink pints to cool themselves down, they get carried away when Bryan Adams comes on at the reception disco, their blood is now 95% Peroni because of the sweating and dehydration, they decide to join your mum in belting out the Grease Megamix, they pass out on the hotel foyer couch.

Save your dad. Get him our Forest Linen Suit. For god’s sake.



“their blood is now 95% Peroni”

The Holiday Dad

For the European city break dad. If your dad likes cutting about Europe, taking in a bit of culture, and ordering tapas and cicchetti for the whole table because he’s proudly learned how to say “per favore” and “grazie” on the flight over, this is the fit for him. God bless the European city break dads.



“God bless the European city break dads”

The Stylish Dad

Zaddy drip. Is it weird to call your own dad a zaddy? Maybe. No point denying it, though, is there. Weirder to deny it. Just buy him a Cuban Collared Shirt, say, “Dad, you’re a straight up zaddy,” and hand it over. He’ll thank you.




There you have it. The comprehensive Father’s Day Gift Edit from Percival. And if you’re still not convinced, shop our full edit – socks and all.



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