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How To Style A Quarter Zip Sweater

What is a quarter zip sweater?


They weren’t particularly cool back in the noughties, quarter-zip sweaters. Probably because of that spooky bloke in Love, Actually who filmed his best mate’s wedding and focused purely on Keira Knightley, then rocked up at their house with a bunch of handwritten A3 cards like Bob Dylan in the Subterranean Homesick Blues video, except he wasn’t Bob Dylan, he was the worst best friend ever. Jonny was not in the basement mixing up the medicine, he was at the VHS player, creeping on his mate’s wife. Anyway… that fella wore a quarter-zip sweater in Love, Actually, and that was that for a decade or so. Quarter-zips are back now, though, and they’re not going anywhere in a hurry.



How to wear a quarter zip sweater?

What’s a quarter-zip sweater? A sweater with a zip that comes down to around the base of your sternum, usually with a collar that can be worn up or down depending on the style.



Should I wear a shirt under a quarter zip sweater?


If you want to wear a shirt under a quarter-zip sweater, you go right ahead and do it. In fact, we encourage you to do so. A button-down shirt under a quarter-zip can be an unbeatable smart-casual move, especially with the quarter zip left open, showing that smart shirt and either a casually undone top button or a flash of colour from a tie. You’ll look like you’re on a business lunch at which you’re about to strike a deal. A big deal. A top, top deal.



Are quarter zips in style?


Big time. As with any versatile, quality clothing, quarter-zips are having their moment in the sun, and we reckon they’re going to be around long enough to get a solid base tan. See Frank Ocean at the Met Gala, as well as the more fashion-conscious citizens of the world of football such as Mikel Arteta, Gareth Southgate, David Beckham.



Are you supposed to fold the collar on a quarter zip?


Depends on the quarter-zip, depends on the fit, depends on you. If you’re going casual, maybe leave the collar popped like a devil-may-care son of a gun, especially if your quarter-zip is made of a material on the stiffer end of the flaccidity scale. If you’re going for a smarter fit, leave the zip open and fold that collar down to expose your base layer. This look can work wonders for a man in a bind. Our Mega Waffle Quarter Zip looks superb folded down, for example.



What do you wear under a quarter zip sweatshirt?


What’s the occasion? We’ve discussed a formal-ish shirt-and-tie option, but perhaps you’re just nipping to the shops, off for a kickabout, meeting your mafiosi pals to discuss who you’re gonna have whacked off next — you’re going to want a more relaxed look. In that case, you can go for a plain tee, perhaps a striped tee in a complementary or contrasting colourway to your quarter-zip, a vest, or even just nothing but the torso your mother gave you. We’ve got a good alternative for just such occasions in the form of our Nettle Drill Jacket.



Can you wear a quarter-zip sweater with a blazer?


Too tight. A quarter-zip is a wonderful middle layer for the chilly months. If you’re using a quarter-zip as a middle layer, however, we suggest you go for a thinner material so that you don’t boil your insides like when honey bees swarm all over a big hornet and roast it alive because they can endure higher temperatures than it can. You don’t want that, so don’t go chunky if you’re layering.

Anyway, we mentioned Love, Actually spoiling the quarter-zip’s rep earlier, and we just want to say that, quarter-zips, to us, you are perfect.



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