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Introducing The Terry Towel – 2024 Styling & Care Guide

What is Terry Towelling Fabric?

Terry towelling (or terry cloth) is an absorbent, fluffy cloud of a material used to make clothing that makes you feel like a damn 19th century sultan. We’ve had terry towelling in the UK since 1850, introduced to us from travellers who’d witnessed its manufacture in Turkey. A company called English Christy began manufacturing what they called Royal Turkish Towels — because they asked Queen Victoria if they could stick Royal at the front of the name and she was like, “yeah.”

The USA cottoned on to terry towelling after the First World War but the Brits and the Americans were both pretty late to the party, as there is evidence of terry towelling-esque fabrics having been produced in Peru and Egypt six-thousand years ago. Still, better late than never.

Some people reckon we get the name from the French word tiré, which means drawn in English, originally used for uncut velvet. Nobody really knows, though. We like to think someone called Terry just told his mate down ye olde tavern it was called Terry towelling and the name spread by word of mouth from there. Prove us wrong.



What is terry towelling made from?

You can knit or weave terry towelling. If it’s woven, it’s made using two beams of longitudinal warp with filler fabric shot laterally through them. This means there are lots of protruding loops of fabric, giving terry towelling its absorbency and fluffiness.


Is terry towelling cotton?

Remember earlier in this article when we said the USA cottoned on after WW1? You noticed that, didn’t you? You clever sausage. Yes, it’s usually cotton, but sometimes manufacturers will go for linen or additional polyester.



Is terry cloth good for summer?

The summer involves a lot of sea and a lot of sweat. A lot of wet things. A lot of moisture. Terry cloth is going to soak all that moisture right up and get rid of it for you, keeping you cool and comfy all summer long.


What does terry cloth feel like?

Like germinating in the pouch of a luxurious, dry kangaroo. Like getting a cuddle from your first love. Like spooning your favourite summer holiday.


Is terry cloth breathable?

Sure is. Cotton and linen are both super-breathable fabrics. That moisture on your skin doesn’t stand a chance. Airflow ahoy!


How to clean terry cloth?

Assuming your garment is made of cotton, chuck it in the machine at 60 degrees, don’t use any detergent or fabric softener, as this can encourage lint shedding, and dry it on the line or a hanger.



Introducing our signature terry towel clothes

The Towelling Cuban Shirt — all of our terry towel products are made with 100% organic cotton and the Cuban is no different. This one comes in Striped Rust and Striped Ecru, and it’s going to look great buttoned up or worn open over a white vest.



Terry towelling polo shirt

A buttonless alternative to the Cuban, this one is extra laid-back. Checks, as opposed to striped, and that nice embroidered Percival logo make the Polo feel like true luxury. Comes in Check Navy and Check Sage — now, get this man a piña colada.



Terry towelling shorts

Our 100% organic cotton Towelling Shorts match our Polos — Check Navy and Check Sage — and are an unbeatable combo for poolside cocktails and seaside relaxation. Jet pockets, back pockets, drawstring waist, obscene comfort. All hail Terry and his top-tier towelling.



Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.