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Linen Trouser Outfits For Men

No longer a luxury reserved for 1950’s jungle explorers and Richard E Grant.

Have you ever wanted to feel the cool breeze of the ocean wafting against your shin-hair, whilst remaining fully-clothed and effortlessly stylish? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Well, you’re in luck because men’s linen trousers are no longer a luxury reserved for 1950’s jungle explorers and Richard E Grant. Now everyone can own a pair of Italian linen trousers in colours ranging from the classic natural to forest green (the new navy don’t you know).

But what do I style them with? Can I wear a different fabric on top? Which SHOES do I wear with linen pants? What is the perfect linen trousers outfit? Why am I googling these things instead of finishing off my spreadsheet? Don’t you worry, kind sir (everyone is called ‘sir’ in linen). Linen, sorry, listen carefully. All will be revealed, you will finish your data entry and you shall go to the ball!



How to style linen trousers?

Style them up, style them down, style them in the Upside-Down (Stranger things is still a thing, right?). Linen trousers can be styled up with a shirt and jacket, styled down with a t-shirt or polo shirt, and styled in unrealistically bright 80s colours in the Upside-Down.

How to wear linen trousers?

Normally on your legs. Unless it’s the end of a wedding party and things are getting weird.
But for reals, you want your mens linen trousers to be slim-fitting, not too baggy, and comfortable. You don’t need a belt, but if the ozempic has kicked in, go for something fabric-based or woven. Leather might look too heavy. You could even use a bit of rope. Seriously. Seriously!

Are linen pants business casual?

Linen pants are not only business casual. They are also wedding/summer party/gazing-out-at a-sunset /making-awkward-chat-with-the- in-laws casual. The end.

What to wear with black linen trousers?

Because the 90s are back, ‘black trousers and a nice top’ is a perfectly acceptable dress-code. A crisp white shirt is a classic choice, but why not pair with a rust, beige, cuban, or forest green (#thenewnavy).


What to wear with white linen trousers?

If you’re not quite ready for Forest Green (THE NEW NAVY FFS) linen trousers then by all means, go for a classic white linen pants outfit. White goes with anything, except possibly more white. Unless you are playing God in a movie and you are, in fact, Morgan Freeman.


What shoes to wear with linen pants?

Now THIS is an important question. Definitely worth scrolling through the sponsored ads for. You can linellary, sorry, literally wear any kind of shoe with mens linen trousers, so it really depends on the occasion. For activities such as running through wild-grass or gazing out at the sea, opt for sandals or sneakers. For more formal occasions such as a trip to the Big Tesco, pair with loafers or dress shoes.

Interesting fact – it is illegal under the Trousers Act of 1978 to wear sandals with any trousers apart from those thereof made of linen.



What to wear with black linen trousers

Well, the simplest and most obvious answer is a crisp white shirt. It’s timeless and elegant. But you’re not obvious, are you. You didn’t like Saltburn. You. You can pair your linen trousers outfit with a polo-shirt, a regular t-shirt, an irregular shirt, a crochet shirt in colours such as rust, beige, grey, and even forest green (don’t make me say it).


Linen trouser combo for summer

There are no current laws for when a linen trousers outfit can be worn, but with its breathable and light feel it is recommended by the pants experts for the summer months. Try a beige linen pants outfit with a white polo shirt, or a white linen pants outfit with a beige polo. Or beige linen pants, a beige shirt and a white jacket! I’ll stop now.


Are linen pants good for hot weather?

Does Joey Tribbiani like Pizza? They are natural, breathable, light, and relaxed yet stylish. Apart from being actually naked from the waist down, linen trousers are the most refreshing way to exist in hot weather.



Are linen pants good for travel?

Does Ross Geller like getting married? (Friends is my comfort food ok)

It depends on whether you are wearing them to travel in, or packing them up for your adventures. Actually it doesn’t, because they are perfect for both.

Whether you’re travelling by car, plane, boat, unicycle or blimp, the breathable fabric will keep you cool, refreshed and looking slick with nothing but style.

And if you’re packing 12 pairs of linen pants for a three day break, they’re so light you’ll never have to pay that Ryanair heavy baggage fee again (just kidding, we know you only fly Wizz).



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