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Men’s Festival Outfit Ideas – 2024 Styling Guide

What is festival clothing?


By definition festival clothing is fun. It’s lighthearted and lightweight, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re going to spend a long weekend in a field full of people with enough alcohol in them to subdue a shire horse, you’re not going to be looking for smart, preppy clothes — you’re going to want comfort, practicality, durability, and something a little bit out there.

What do men wear to festivals?

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? Men wear all sorts of madness to festivals — bucket hats, enough UV paint to effectively camouflage them at a laser tag tournament, a three-sizes-too-big shell suit jacket they found in a bougie vintage shop and bought with their dad’s money — stuff like that. What should they wear, though? Stick with us and we’re gonna lay it all out for you, nice and simple like.



How to dress for a festival?

You’re gonna want festival-appropriate shirts, festival tees, football shirts (caution needed here — see below) and festival shorts. How about we give you some examples from our very own wardrobe.


Mens festival shirts

When it comes to festival shirts, tight ain’t right. You’re aiming for style combined with ultimate freedom of movement so go loud, go spacious, and go hard — you’re not at a funeral, you’re at the opposite of a funeral, kind of. A Cuban Shirt is absolutely bloody perfect for losing your shit as Ronnie Spector hits you with Be My Baby with ZZ Top as her backing band. We recommend the Nettle Cuban Linen Shirt in Brick, or a Fairy Tale Tapestry Cuban Linen Shirt in either colourway. Alternatively, an open knitted shirt worn over a vest is going to do you lots of favours — see our Adaman Breeze selection or an airy Crocheted Cabin Weave.



Mens festival tees

You can have a bit of fun with a festival tee. Again, go for comfort and maybe slightly oversized, but there’s no need to go smart and plain — an embroidered tee is where it’s at. Show a bit of personality, be yourself — it’s festival season, man!

We’ve got you sorted, here. You can’t go wrong with any of our embroidered tees at a festival, but here’s a shortlist of five that we’d wear for Guns ‘N’ Roses at the Pyramid Stage.



Mens festival jackets

It might get cold. If you’re over in the States then maybe you can get away with packing for one particular weather, but here in the UK you’d better be prepared for anything. We get more weather than a French oral exam — sometimes il fait beau, sometimes il pleut. So you’re gonna need a jacket. Something casual but classy. Something comfy and durable. Something like our Nettle Drill Jacket. Something like our Willow Track Jacket. Something like our Casentino Fleece. Something like our Waterproof Sherlock. Now we’re talking.



Mens festival shorts

Say it with us: Comfort, style, durability.

Checkerboard Embroidered Shorts are an instant festival classic. Can’t go wrong. Add them to your cart right this very second.

Textured Shorts in Brick. In the cart.

Soho Track Shorts by Champion and Percival. Cart.



Mens festival football shirts

Right, listen up: Your local team is fine, as long as their shirt isn’t horrific or plastered with tacky sponsors. Non-British football shirts are innately cooler than British ones. That’s just the way it is. We don’t make the rules. It’s like gravity — you can’t petition against gravity, it just is. Anything from Italy – you’re grand. South America – sorted. PSG is illegal now, unfortunately, since that kid did that Thiago Silva song with Dave — let him have it, that shirt is retired (also a football shirt produced by Jordan, a basketball company — no thanks. It’s just not right). You know what’s much edgier? Football shirts for non-professional or fictional teams, like the ones we make. Check out our Umbro Collaboration launching the 3rd of August.



Examples of mens festival outfits

Festivals are messy. Spending too much time on coordinating your outfit could actually do you more bad than good. Men’s festival fits are all about fun, comfort, and practicality. So take your inspiration from everything you’ve just learned, and throw on what feels right when you wake up in your tent, drenched in euphoria and endorphins and community spirit. Don’t do anything insane, though. There’s a decent chance you’ll end up on TV and everyone you love will see you pairing a busy tee with a patterned cuban shirt. Like, don’t do that. But, otherwise, free love, baby.



Festival accessories for men

An umbrella is always a good shout at a festival.

A cap is never a bad idea. A lovely Textured Cap in Brick.

The only exception we make for a bucket hat is for Welsh football fans. It’s kind of their thing and they’re allowed. If you’re not a Welsh football fan, leave the bucket hat at home, please. 

Thank you.



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