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Men’s Holiday Shirts – 2024 Styling Guide

What clothes to take on holiday?


If you’re reading this and you’re British or Irish, you have, at some point, been on holiday and looked like a first class, top tier, world-leading, undisputed melon. Unfortunately that’s just a fact. Don’t argue — those three-quarter length trackies from Corfu ‘07 were absolutely criminal. Either you bought clothes especially for your holiday — clothes that your complexion and general demeanour wasn’t sufficiently prepared for — or you plodded on with your usual fits designed with British/Irish greyness at their core, and the locals all stared at you, and they pointed, and they chuckled with each other, and they muttered to each other with tired distaste, ‘tourists…’ in a language of which you’d learned precisely three phrases, none of which were, ‘I’m sorry I’ve dressed this way please don’t alert interpol.’ More’s the pity.


But don’t you worry, weary traveller, for Percival has the answers. Course he does. And it’s so very simple…



What should men wear on holiday?


When thinking about holiday clothes, think about clothes you’re going to continue to wear when you return to real life, weather permitting. You’ll instinctively buy items that suit you better and avoid looking like someone who is struggling to readjust to the fact that the sun exists. Let us run you through a quick guide and make a few little suggestions for you to set you on your way.

Short sleeve holiday shirts


A knitted short sleeve shirt is a solid, modern choice for your summer holiday. Our Crochet Groundsman Knitted Shirt is the cream of the crop. It’s a statement piece and perfectly suited to warmer climes. Highly, highly recommended.

Looking to spend a few fewer pennies? The Negroni Polo Shirt in knitted cotton is a beautiful alternative.



Terry towelling shirts


Terry towelling shirts have been given too little love for too long. Terry towelling can absorb almost 30 times its own weight in moisture. Like… Do you want us to keep writing or… Yeah, here are some of our faves:

Towelling Cuban Shirt in Ecru, made with organic cotton.

Towelling Polo in Navy, made with organic cotton.



Linen holiday shirts


You can’t go wrong with a Cuban Linen Shirt, and this Willow Cuban Linen Shirt is our pick of the bunch for your summer hols. Available in Green or Blue, they’re both going to set you apart whilst you’re chowing down on your third souvlaki of the day.

Looking for something a bit special? Dan Branston of Pikol uses materials he and his mum find all over the country, and repurposes them to create highly original clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. This 100% linen Tapestry Embroidered Shirt is one of our absolute favourites, and perfect for your holidays.



Cuban collar shirts


Cuban Collar Shirts are having a big old moment and you would be foolish indeed not to chuck a couple in your suitcase. They’re both classic and modern, great in the heat, relaxed and formal depending on what they’re paired with — they’re perfect, essentially. Have a look at the best your hard-earned money can buy:


Percival x Slazenger Athletic Resort Cuban Shirt

Long Sleeve Cuban Shirt in Espresso, tech pique weave

Seersucker Cuban Shirt in Ecru

Textured Cotton Cuban Shirt in Light Blue



Holiday shirts and shorts set


A shirt and shorts matching combo is a strong look to be pulled off only by the best of us. That’s you. You are the best of us. Also, it makes things easier when picking out an outfit…

We’ve got some quite, quite stylish shirts and shorts sets available for you, including these two corkers from the Percival x Slazenger collection:


Athletic Grappa Cuban Shirt & Athletic Grappa Shorts

Athletic Resort Cuban Short & Athletic Resort Shorts


You can also snag yourself a bang-up-to-date Towelling Polo (in Sage or Navy) with matching Shorts (also Sage or Navy), perfect for pool or beachwear. 

Many of our classic Cuban Collar Shirts also come with matching Shorts. Check the link here and pair up to your heart’s content.



How to pack shirts for holiday?

Roll them up, baby. You heard. Anyone who’s done any proper travelling will tell you the best way to save space in your suitcase and keep your clothes from creasing is to give them a little half fold, then roll them into a cylinder shape and stick them in there — little tubes of drip. Actually, that sounds awful. Point stands, though. Get rolling.




How many shirts do i need for a two-week holiday?

Depends where you’re going and what you’re planning on doing but, as a general rule, you’re probably going to need around eight or nine shirts. You’re a grown-up and you’re going to be doing a bit of washing whilst you’re there, so don’t overpack — that’s hassle you don’t need. Equally, don’t underpack — you don’t want to spend your entire holiday doing laundry.



How to wash clothes on holiday?


Maybe there’s a launderette where you’re staying — if so, happy days. If not, your best bet is to hand wash your clothes in a basin. You should be able to pick up some gentle detergent from a local shop in just about any part of the world — fill a basin with tepid water and a little detergent, soak your clothes and wash gently by hand, allowing your clothes to dry naturally in the, no doubt, much more pleasant weather. Buon viaggio, ragazzi!



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