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Men’s Linen Suits for Weddings Abroad

Can You Wear a Linen Suit to a Wedding?


Yes. Yes, you can wear a linen suit to a wedding. In fact, you should wear a linen suit to a wedding. Especially at a destination wedding. There is simply no excuse for spending all that money on travelling to an idyllic location with your nearest and dearest, just to spend it sweating like cheap cheese and losing your jacket twenty minutes in, no water left in your body, just concentrated alcohol sludging round your veins, tie wrapped around your head like a Whoops Aisle Rambo, not a single button fastened, your shirt waving in the disco lights like a white flag at the impending hangover. No. None of that. Linen suits are the correct choice for a destination wedding, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you. We’re going to walk you through it.



Men’s Summer Linen Suit Ideas for Weddings Abroad


It’s worth considering the local climate when styling your linen wedding suit. If the happy couple are tying the knot in tropical climes, then by all means go full linen. Shirt, blazer, trousers – the lot – confidence = sexy, comfort = confidence, breezy linen in warm weather = comfort. That’s just maths. And science. That’s maths and science, and you can’t argue with that. 

For a wedding, you’re probably going to be leaning toward a tailored fit, which lends itself to both smart shoes with socks, or a nice pair of loafers with sockless ankles titillating any time-travelling Victorians at the reception whilst airing out your lower leg. There’s a bit of animosity surrounding the concept of the sockless man in the UK right now, but what happens at the destination wedding stays at the destination wedding, and you can definitely pull off a sockless look when you’re on holiday, so embrace the opportunity and make the most of this free-pass.

Another great way to style a linen suit is to play with texture by using your choice of shirt to contrast or complement your blazer but (spoiler alert) more on that later.


Linen Suits for Summer Weddings


We are your guides in styling a linen suit, but we are just that — a guide. It’s all about mixing and matching to fit your style and personality, whilst understanding the unwritten brief of the occasion. Let’s take a moment now just to highlight some of the main character pieces that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again as stylistic touchstones.

Tailored Linen Trousers | Stone — A classic cut and the viscount of versatility. These trousers are your destination wedding Swiss army knife. They’re airy, comfortable, and that natural colour means they go with just about anything. Number one on your shopping list. 

Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt | Linen | Navy — The Navy colourway and dazzling coconut buttons on this Cuban really pop against a neutral-toned jacket or blazer and are a great way to round off your wedding fit.

Long Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt | Stonet — The Stone colourway is a great option to wear with any choice of blazer/jacket and trousers, and will look fresh and smart whilst keeping you cool, whilst styling a Long Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt untucked over your trousers gives a sleek but relaxed look.

Linen Tailored Blazer — A  Tailored Linen Blazer is a must. Choose your favourite colourway and go from there. We love the natural hues of this Forest option,  just be careful when matching colours and remember that old saying about blue and green…




Spotlight On: The Blue Linen Wedding Suit


If you’ve read all of the above and you’re still at a loss about what fit to go for at that dreamy destination wedding, don’t worry — all is not yet lost. Because we’ve cracked the code. We’ve created a linen suit that looks good on everybody. Our Light Blue Linen Wedding suit is literally tailor made for just such an occasion. Whilst the colour perfectly reflects the sky and sea you’ve all been intoxicated by in the days leading up to the big matrimonious moment, the fit itself will perfectly frame your physique, regardless of what that physique may be. The tailored trousers lend themselves to smart socks and leather shoes, loafers, or even a trainer if the dress code allows for it. The blazer is going to look equally at home with a smart shirt and tie combo, a cotton tee, or a statement Cuban shirt. Genuinely, if you’re stuck, grab yourself one of our Blue Linen Wedding Suits and you’re going to be absolutely fine. 




The Cuban Collar Shirt


The Cuban Shirt is a marvellous thing. We’ve got a whole article dedicated to the history of the Cuban Shirt, which you should read as soon as you’re done here. You cannot go wrong with a Cuban Collared Shirt when styling a Linen Suit. We’ve got myriad Cuban designs over on our site — from Koi Carp to Kowloon, Fairy Tale Tapestry to straight up classic plain — and we’ve got a wide range of colourways. The Cuban is a magical blend of comfort, versatility, and smartness, and it brings an added exotic feel to your suit, with or without the blazer/jacket. It’s a shirt steeped in lore and historical significance, and it’s your best mate for a destination wedding. Pick your favourites, and put them in your suitcase as fast as you can.




Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.