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Men’s Styling Guide: What to Wear To A Christmas Party

What do guys wear to Christmas parties?

What to wear to a Work Christmas Party?

What is the dress code for an office Christmas party?

Casual work Christmas party outfit

What colour dress code for Christmas party?

Can you wear all black to a Christmas Party?

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas



What do guys wear to Christmas parties?

Lord have mercy upon our wretched souls, it’s a jungle out there. It’s a tinsel tainted jungle full of the festive garm equivalents of tropical diseases and venomous, slithery biters. We’ve seen it all at Christmas parties. There was the aggressive return of the Christmas jumper in its unauthentic and trashiest form — that was rough. And do you remember that brief period when some men thought it acceptable to wear a T-shirt with the image of a tuxedo printed on it (sorry for the jump scare)? The bleak midwinter of Christmas attire.

We insist that you don’t be that guy. We will not allow you to be that guy. We’re here to help you, to hold your hand through the process of planning your Christmas party wardrobe. So put the felt reindeer antlers down for a minute, and step into Christmas with Percival. 



What to wear to a Work Christmas Party

We’re going to cover several sub-genres of work Christmas party but, for now, let’s focus on the basics.

The chances of embarrassing yourself are significantly higher at a work Christmas party than they are at almost any other conceivable event. You don’t need to be stacking those odds any higher than they already are by rocking up looking like a shopping centre elf.

If you work in a relatively smart office, keep it smart but make a few jaunty adjustments: drop the tie, undo that top button, go for a tailored suit or add a bit of colour. A nice Roll Neck Jumper under a suit jacket is a classic wintry way to spice up a fit. The suit itself can be a little more fun, too. An Espresso Nep Wool Tailored Blazer, for example.



What is the dress code for an office Christmas Party?

If there’s a strict dress code on the invite i.e. an actual theme, then may the garm gods be with you. Usually, however, the unspoken dress code is smart casual with a little more emphasis on the smart. Like this: smart casual. See above for inspiration.



Casual work Christmas party outfit

Sometimes a work Christmas party will lend itself more to the casual than the smart. If this is the case, yet you stick with formal office dress, you risk coming across like a bit of a square. And you’re not a square. This is an opportunity to show a little bit of personality. Stay Press Auxiliary Trousers are a great place to start. Pair with your favourite knitwear e.g. the Showa Stripe Crew Neck or this mohair Perci Cat Crew Neck Jumper.



What colour dress code for Christmas party?

For an office-based Christmas party, go for neutral tones with a splash of colour to liven things up. For a more casual work party, a little more colour is good but keep it respectable. For a Christmas party with friends, anything goes — totally up to you. Although, we’d recommend using bright colours for statement pieces whilst keeping the basics simple. Green, red, and gold are Christmas staples, too.



Can you wear all black to a Christmas Party?

Of course you can. Black is classy, black is timeless, black is flattering. Black is not necessarily Christmassy but you can make it work. Silent Night? Night is dark. Black is dark. Christmas. You can wear all-back, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It wouldn’t be very Christmassy to tell you otherwise. An all-black Christmas outfit for you, right here:

Stay Press Auxiliary Trouser

Western Suede Jacket

Oversized Auxiliary T Shirt



Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

If you’re spending Christmas with the family, not leaving the house, admiring your new gifts, eating your bodyweight, and watching the Christmas telly, then leisurewear is absolutely acceptable. Maybe the Percival x Sophy Hollington Bird Sweatshirt with Auxiliary Trackpants. If you’re seeing extended family or friends, or venturing out, then we’re going to go ahead and recommend the classic nice jumpers and trousers combo. A Koi Matches Crew Neck with 5 Pocket Straight Leg trousers will keep you looking great whilst simultaneously impressing your grandmother and the in-laws. Perfect.



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