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Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas – What to Wear This Summer

What to wear this summer for men?


Dressing for the summer is infinitely more difficult than dressing for the winter. What are you on about, Perci? Have you got sunburn of the mind? No. Higher temperatures = fewer clothes — sure — but that means what you do wear has to be spot on, otherwise you’re gonna look like a right cantaloupe. Remember the childhood summer holidays when you’d rock up in some poor, unsuspecting town in coastal Europe and your dad would inflict the three-quarter trackies, dress socks and astro-turf trainers combo? Exactly.



what are the summer trends for men in 2023?

In the summer sun, if you’re not cool, you’re not cool. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing — if you’re a puce, sweaty mess, you’re not going to be looking great. This year, then (2023 if you follow the Gregorian calendar), it’s all about breezy fabrics that are going to keep you calm and confident on this big, rotating, spherical greenhouse.

Men’s summer trousers


There is literally nothing worse than a sweaty undercarriage. Summer is a glorious time of year that should be enjoyed, but being overheated below the waist can make being alive a total nightmare. That’s why your summer trousers are going to be made from linen this year — life is simply too short and, honestly, linen trousers just look brilliant with those bright rays of sunshine bouncing off them. Here are some of our favourites:


Pleated Tailored Trousers | Linen | Rust

Tailored Seersucker Trousers | Forest

Tailored Linen Trousers | Stone



Men’s summer shorts


Summer shorts should be cut a couple of inches above the knee, with enough breathability to get some much needed aeration where it’s needed most, if you catch our draught — sorry, drift. Plain, patterned, or textured are all fine as long as they’re paired properly i.e. patterned shorts are a safer bet with a plain shirt — competing patterns can be nauseating. We’ve got a fantastic selection of summer shorts to choose from, in premium fabrics designed for comfort and style — we’re talking linen, we’re talking terry towelling, we’re talking seersucker. Have a gander:


Pleated Linen Shorts | Navy

Shorts | Seersucker | Forest

Floral Shorts | Multi

Linen Shorts | Stone



How to layer in summer for men?


Let’s keep this simple: your base layer should be a plain white vest or tee — they go with everything. Keeping the base layer basic means the eye isn’t distracted from the outer layer, which can be bolder if you so wish — a patterned Cuban, a short sleeved linen shirt, a knitted shirt, all of which can be worn open or partially buttoned. Take your pick from the shirts below and you won’t go far wrong.


Long Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt | Stone

Tailored Linen Blazer | Stone

Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt | Linen | Light Blue

Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt | Linen | Rust



Men’s summer shirts


If anyone knows about men’s summer shirts, it’s us. We’re the creme de la creme, so listen closely. It’s about quality fabrics, breezy cut, eye-catching patterns and satisfying block colours, and casual elegance. Short sleeved shirts are the one right now — open or buttoned, tucked or untucked. An Ecru Cuban Shirt made from Seersucker is a beautiful option that provides those bright, natural tones as well as a lovely breathable material that’ll keep you cool and dry (and it goes with everything). For more of a statement piece, go with something patterned, such as our clean-as-clean-gets Willow Knit Shirt. If you feel like mixing it up for an evening meal or drinks, chuck on a Black Long Sleeve Cuban Linen Shirt. Linen is your best mate on stifling summer days.



Men’s summer jackets


With a summer jacket, you can add a little more thickness — an opportunity to play with textures. Something not too warm, but that’ll keep you comfortable as the sun sets on a balmy day of cold lager and/or spritz. We’ve listed some of our favourite sunny day jackets below as a starting point for you.


Tailored Double Breasted Blazer | Linen | Navy

Relaxed Tailored Linen Blazer | Rust

Floral Tailored Blazer | Multi

Linen Tailored Blazer | Forest



When do summer clothes come out?

Is linen good for summer?

Linen is summer and summer is linen. They’re inseparable. Like Hall & Oates, the letters Q and U, fish & chips. We’ve written an entire article on the virtues of linen — its hollow, moisture absorbing fibres, its crinkly charm, and its fascinating history — give it a read. In the meantime, here’s our collection of cracking linen bits for your summer wardrobe.



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