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Percival People: Fabio Wardley

Last week we caught up with current British heavyweight champ Fabio Wardley, who kindly gave our Linen Suit a test drive in the boxing ring.

Read below to find out more on Fabio’s career highlights to date and what he’s got coming up this year.



Hey Fabio! Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into boxing?

I would say I fell into boxing. I was always competitive and always enjoyed physical exercise, always did football and other sports. I played football at quite a high level before I got ankle injuries and then moved into boxing.

It was always something I wanted to do, and try as I was intrigued by the physical test of it. So one day I just went into the boxing gym and never left really, I fell in love with it from day one. The more I went, the better I got overtime and I just enjoyed the individual self-challenge of it.

Seems like you’ve found your sport! But you’re always welcome to play for Percival FC


How is it being signed to a world renowned boxer like Dillon Whyte?

It’s great having someone like Dillon in my corner, not only from signing me and being my manager, but also being able to push me onto the big stage with TV shows and taking part in big events at the O2 and Wembley, it’s great to have someone thats been through all the trials and tribulations that you will go through as a professional boxer. He’s someone that’s not only there to manage you, but knows the things you’re going through first hand, and has the knowledge to manage injuries and nutrition, all the details that go into being the best athlete you can be.

Having someone there who can give you advice when you feel you’re lacking in certain areas, and can give you pointers for things you feel like you’re missing out on, it’s crucial and it gives me an extra boost.

Great manager and great boxer, sounds like the perfect partnership.



When’s your next fight and what is your current training regime?

My next fight is scheduled for April, and should be at the O2. I’m currently training twice a day, six days a week, from Sunday – Friday normally. Saturday is my day off, but every other day I’m doing two sessions a day at the moment.

We’re currently sticking to a one run a week regime so we know how you feel.


You sparred with heavyweight legend Tyson Fury, how was that and who do you look up to the most in boxing?

I sparred Tyson Fury relatively early on in my career, it was quite an experience being in the ring with someone that experienced, who knows their way around and has been in boxing for so long competing at the highest level. He has a crazy amount of skill which was a massive learning curve for me trying to figure them out and work out how to approach a situation like that. It was a great experience, I took loads from it. I learnt so much and it was a great opportunity for me.

The person I look up to the most is Dillon. I admire him for the career path he took and his journey in boxing. He didn’t have it easy but he’s always faced the challenges put in front of him and come through them. Now he’s at the peak of his career and has chosen to help younger boxers like me. He’s done a lot not just for me, but the sport.

Sounds like he’s really in your corner and doing amazing things for British boxing.





What else have you got coming up this year?

The plan for this year is to defend my British heavyweight title three times, then I can keep the belt outright. I want to stay consistent, stay busy and stay on track.

Good luck with that! We’ll be rooting for you.


We’d love to know which Percival styles you have your eye on for outside the ring this Summer?

I’m a big fan of the two piece shirt and shorts combo for the Summer, I’m looking forward to wearing a lot of linen styles and mix-matching them for hot Summer days or on holiday, to feel comfortable and look good as well!

Thank you so much Fabio!



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