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Percival People: Kola Bokinni

You know Kola Bokinni. He plays Isaac McAdoo in Ted Lasso - We brought the captain of your favourite fictional football club down to Parliament Hill Lido for a little chat, definitely not to try and poach him for our next office five-a-side game...

We thought we’d get to know him a bit first. Kola, tell us a bit about your background and what you were up to before Ted Lasso burst onto the scene! 

I’m Irish and Nigerian, born in Peckham, South East London. I’ve been acting for nearly a decade which seems like a long time saying it but has gone by in a flash. My most recent credits bar Ted Lasso include Black Mirror and Top Boy for Netflix as well as Hunter Killer for Millennium films.


Are you as good at football as Issac…? (And would you fancy captaining Percival FC? We say, silently, with our eyes.)

Well we don’t exactly play the same position, I play striker in real life and Isaac is a centre back. I wouldn’t say I’m Premier League level like Isaac is, but I can handle myself on the pitch for sure. 


SHOP SS23 | Linen la vida lido

Interesting… Now Season 3 [of Ted Lasso] is out, what have you got on for the rest of the year? (And are you free every Sunday morning for the rest of your life? We say, silently, with our eyes.)

A lot of flying to America and meeting really interesting people, we’ve had some great experiences so far whilst promoting the new series, some work and now it’s getting warmer, definitely some holidays.


You must have had lots of unforgettable moments over the past few years — being included as a player in FIFA and visiting the White House are pretty massive. What’s been your biggest ‘pinch me’ moment?

It was without a doubt on stage at the Emmys when Ted Lasso won the award for Best Comedy. Such a surreal moment, being up there and seeing so many famous faces looking up at me smiling, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride so far. Oh, and of course recently meeting President Biden at the White House.





Like Percival, Kola is London born and bred. It gets into your bones. Does he still spend a lot of time at home in London? We wonder. He’s clearly not taking the hint about Percival FC team, by the way. Your position is safe, Sam. For now.

Yes, I love London, it’s my home. I’m very family orientated, so I spend the majority of my time when I’m not working around my loved ones. I think London is one of the best cities in the world well… when the weather is good [laughs].


Speaking of… The sun’s out and we’re ready to enjoy British summer. Where are you heading on your travels this year and what Perci pieces have you got your eye on? 

I will be all over Los Angeles, Miami, Ibiza, Marbella and Monaco this summer. I really love all of the Linen co-ord sets, they’re amazing. But I love everything [laughs] so I’d actually take everything for my suitcase please. 



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