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Percival People: Samuel Moir-Smith

Percival People is back

We’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Samuel Moir-Smith, 23 year old London based academic and activist to talk fashion, creativity, Percival, and our brand new Waffle Pack.

Whenever I introduce myself, people always wonder where my work sits within the world of fashion. I suppose I made a space for myself with my activism first, starting with modeling in diversity projects (particularly around Pride month) and speaking out about my experiences of growing up as a young transgender man in The Basement’s collaboration campaign with Nike in 2017. Since then, I’ve found myself with a platform to speak out about inequalities and injustices facing the trans community.

It’s great to hear that you’re thriving! What are your creative outlets and what was your favourite creative moment in 2022?

In 2022, I was lucky to be given the opportunity to create one of my most exciting moments in fashion – directing, casting, and writing my first trans-focused fashion editorial, to be printed in The Basement’s first magazine. Being involved in every aspect of the shoot meant I was exercising my creativity from all angles, and I loved the entire process


That is an amazing achievement, congratulations for working with such an influential, fashion focused group. What excites you about fashion in 2023?

I’ve been keeping an eye on Aimé Leon Dore lately, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more streetwear combined with ‘classic’ pieces like overcoats and loafers. This sums up my style pretty well as it is, so I’m glad to see more inspiration out there. Actually, this is a reason why I love Percival so much as a brand; you’re able to get amazing quality pieces that work for both smart and casual looks. I recently tried a pair of Percival’s straight leg trousers and knew they’d be great for dressing up or dressing down (a future must-buy). 

“This is a reason why I love Percival so much as a brand; you’re able to get amazing quality pieces that work for both smart and casual looks. ”

Well thank you, definitely grab a pair of them trousers! What are your first impressions of the new waffle pack?

Definitely impressed by the quality, but that’s a no-brainer from Percival. I find myself paying more attention to how my clothes will last as I get older. The waffle set reminded me of a similar set by Brain Dead, but Percival’s felt thicker and sturdier for the colder months. Much like I was saying earlier about Percival’s appeal, I appreciate the versatility of the set, switching from a full-set tailored tracksuit look, to an overshirt and brown boat shoes for a smarter approach. The way the set fits allows for either option to look great.


That’s what we like to hear, glad you like the pack! How important is versatility in a piece to you?

Huge! I am surprisingly indecisive about my style, often going through phases of my wardrobe. I think that’s why I’m now trying to combine the two sides of my fashion (street and smart) so I can make the most use out of my clothes. Versatility obviously plays a significant role in that, so I search for pieces that give me options.


It’s been a pleasure to have you Sam, any closing comments?

Thank you for having me! I hear Percival’s Spring/Summer collection in early Feb is meant to be fabulous, so I’ll be keeping an eye on my inbox for those next releases too 🙂



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