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Percival People: Yung Chomsky

In case you missed it (where have you been?!) we launched a very special capsule collection with Seinfeld last week. We couldn’t celebrate fashion x Seinfeld without adding Yung Chomsky to the mix.

YC runs @jawnfeld and @jawnpeaks, social accounts which catalogue, episode by episode, the drippiest drip and the most iconic fits Seinfeld and Twin Peaks have to offer respectively. He’s also co-host of the mind-blowingly successful TrueAnon podcast. The man blows government cover-ups apart by day, does an important public fashion service by night. Have a quick scroll through his personal insta, too – we’re not sure he’s ever worn a bad outfit.


Hey Yung Chomsky! Tell us a bit about you and your background

Much like Jerry on the show, I’m a 30-something Jewish New Yorker working on the fringes of showbiz, which is to say I’m a musician and the producer of @TrueAnonPod. I also enjoy getting dressed.


Tell us about your @jawnfeld and @jawnpeaks accounts, what can our Perci crew expect on there?

Both of these accounts came about from watching the shows and frequently pausing to say “Love that shirt” or “I’d wear that jacket.” I wanted to create an archive that I’d always be able to browse for inspiration. @jawnfeld is complete, with one post for each episode of Seinfeld, but @jawnpeaks is just getting started; I’ll be covering Twin Peaks from start to finish, highlighting my favourite looks along the way.



We know you’re a huge Seinfeld fan, what is it about the show that makes it so iconic to you?

Apart from the obvious stuff, something that struck me was how often the show’s humour revolves around clothing in some way. Whether it’s about the cost of Jerry’s jacket, the tightness of Kramer’s jeans, or the button placement on a shirt, the scripts are often concerned with the way people dress. It makes a lot of sense, since the show is about the mundane, and we all put on clothes every day. But a lot of that went over my head when I was younger and less interested in style. Also, the theme music slaps.





What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

It’s the Pop In Cotton Shirt in blue for me. Wear it open over a white tank top and you’ve got a louche vibe that’s perfect for barging into your neighbour’s place and eating his snacks.


If Jerry is reading this right now, what would you want to say to him?

Hello… Jerry 😤

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.