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Percival × Maus Haus – The Iceland Collection

Introducing our 2nd collection with the artist

We’ve teamed up with Australia-based artist Maus Haus for a second time, to create a limited collection of embroideries that honour Iceland’s folklore and its beautiful and diverse landscape.

The Iceland Collection follows on from the success of our British Outdoors collection which launched earlier in the year.

Claudia, aka Maus Haus, is an artist/illustrator based out of Brisbane, Australia. She is inspired by landscapes and nature and the way she perceives their abstract form, shape, colouring, light, shadow and overall composition within its space. Discover more from Claudia and explore the collection below.

Paintings from Claudia’s journal

Maus Haus herself

5 minutes with Claudia aka Maus Haus…


Hey Claudia! What’s been happening in the world of Maus Haus since we last caught up?
I’m very fortunate to say that I have been working on lots of collaborations and private commissions, while organising a few shop releases along the way. This has also all been happening whilst I’m setting up for life with my first baby! This year has been an absolute whirlwind and I’m very grateful for it all.

Maus Haus at work

What was your inspiration for this second drop?
Iceland has some of the most surreal and magical landscapes that I have ever seen, it feels like you have stepped into some fantasy book. I wanted to capture that magical feeling through these rolling forms and lush colours.

‘Magic Mountain’ by Maus Haus

What’s the story behind mountains being such a prominent theme throughout your work?
There hasn’t been one particular experience that has drawn me to them, I’ve always found them very fascinating and will never get bored of exploring how to portray them. I love the distinctive characteristics that mountains can have, which can make them instantly recognisable to people. They make up some of the most iconic scenes on Earth, and they’re naturally made! They’ve been here before us and will most likely stay long after we’re gone, I think that’s pretty amazing.

Thanks Claudia!

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.