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The Best Gifts For Men

What Gifts do Men Like?

Best Gift for Gents?

What Do You Get a Guy That Has It All?

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Man

Luxury Gifts for Men

Let Him Choose His Own Gifts



What Gifts do Men Like?

All men are different. Some men like tickets to see their favourite football team inevitably lose 1–0 in poor weather, impossibly drab and completely unavoidable since that’s what happens every time they go to watch their team. Some men like vinyl records. Some men like ballet. Some men like cars. Some men just want a little bit of quality time with their loved ones. But if you give any man something nice to wear, they’re going to thank you for it.



Best Gift for Gents

If you have a modern day gentleman in your life — somebody who likes to dress sharp or maybe has fairly regular formal events to attend, we’ve got you covered. Have a gander at some of our classier gift ideas:


Mini Check Tailored Blazer

Mini Check Pleated Tailored Trousers

Formal Shirt

Polka Dot Silk Tie

Cashmere Rib Socks

Umbrella Blunt Classic



What Do You Get a Guy That Has It All

Some men are an absolute nightmare to buy for because, whenever they see something they like, they immediately buy it for themselves. This is selfish behaviour, as you are taxed with really tapping into hitherto unused regions of your imagination to come up with a great gift for that impatient man. Something they didn’t even know they wanted. If there’s a man like this in your life, follow this link to gifts for The Man Who Has Everything and take your pick. Here are some of our favourites:


Showa Stripe Crew Neck

Jacquard Teddy Shell Overshirt

Wallabee Clarks Originals Cola Check



Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is brilliant it’s the greatest achievement in the history of human ingenuity got to have at least seven before midday or the shakes will come lovely little beans of alertness all ground up and brewed coffee is god coffee is life cappuccino macchiato doppio espresso afijbgfsihdhjdsji.

Sorry. Probably had one too many.

If you’ve got someone in your life who is as passionate about coffee as we are, we’ve got you sorted. Take a look at our especially for coffee lovers gifts page: Coffee Lovers


Some of our faves:

Perci Blend Coffee Beans

Auxiliary Crew Neck Jumper

Koi Applique Cardigan



Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

You may have noticed we’re well into our sports. We’ve been heavy on football and tennis this year but we’ll watch whatever’s on. Game of squash on a Tuesday night? Yep. Ice hockey beginners session on Thursday? Sure. Lawn bowls in the summer? You bring the jack, we’ll bring the vibes. Got a sports guy you need to buy for? Look no further: Sports Lovers


Picks of the bunch:

PAFC Football Shirt

Trackside Knit Polo

Canard Auxiliary Sweatshirt



Gifts for The Outdoorsy Man

Every man harbours an innate desire to master the elements. If you want a bunch of men to bond in silence, start a little fire and watch them lose themselves in the flames and embers. Something hypnotic about it. We all have a pal who reckons they could last 100 days in the wilderness with nothing but their own knowhow and survival skills. We’ve got plenty of gift ideas for the almost-certainly deluded survivalist in your life: Survival Guy Gifts



Luxury Gifts for Men

Sometimes a man just wants the nicer things in life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Any man who turns his nose up at the idea of a bubble bath is lying to himself. If you can’t enjoy a bubble bath with some nice candles and perhaps some calming music, you need therapy, not gifts. Here are some great gift ideas for the man who appreciates the good stuff: Luxuriate


The cream of the crop:

Anderson Zip Overshirt

Embroidered Koi Fleece Jacket

Stakeout Auxiliary Jacket



Let Him Choose His Own Gifts

Some men just know what they want. They’re impossible to read, but they know what they like. Are they going to share that information with you? No. They’re men of few words. Or they’re awkward. If you find yourself at a loss, unable to come up with a single good gift idea, simply let him choose with a Perci Gift Card.

And you’re done. Sorted. Relax for another year. Now, go and enjoy your Christmas season!




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