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The Percival Guide to Layering




What’s the best thing about living on an island at the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with some of the most fickle and varied weather on the planet? Layering. Seasonal layering.

The people of the United Kingdom and Ireland are connoisseurs of menswear layering. It’s born of necessity, of course. If you live in a place in which three or four different types of weather and temperature are regularly experienced within the space of a day, you’re going to have to be prepared. There are levels to the layering game, though. Layering is an artform that is practiced by many but mastered by few. We’re here to help you master the art of seasonal layering.

Lightweight materials are king. If you start layering dense and heavy fabrics, you’re soon going to start feeling like you’re plodding around in a suit of armor, and you don’t need that, you’re not a medieval knight. Luckily, Percival does quality lightweight fabrics better than anyone.


The Double Down

As we mentioned before, lightweight materials are essential to layering. Avoiding bulk is key. For this look, we’re going to lean into that principle heavily. Or lightly, depending on how you look at it.

We’re starting with a classic 100% cotton Tee. On top of that, we’re going for the Navy Safari Linen Jacket. Our Safari Linen Jackets are featherlight and breathable, making them a perfect layering tool – buttoned up or open, totally up to you. We’re topping this look off with a Tan Waterproof Sherlock for a lovely juxtaposition of complementary tones, but this fit would work just as well with a Trench. This entire fit is designed with super lightweight fabrics and a layer of water-resistance on top.

The Pumpkin King

This one’s an easy autumnal layering hack. Take a stylish sweatshirt, such as our Spaceman Sweatshirt (which features an embroidered image of a happy little spaceman floating in space), and pair it with an Overshirt of your choosing. That’s it. That’s the look.

It doesn’t really matter which Overshirt you choose – whether that be one of our Casentino Wool Blanket Workshirts (made in London with Italian wool blend fabric), a Forest Check Hound Workshirt with its slightly wider fit making it ideal for layering, a Khaki Worker Twill Overshirt with its top quality twill fabric, or even a Pleated Denton Jacket made from cotton suede.

The Casual Layered Prince

You’re chilling, today. You’ve worked hard all week, you’ve got a medium-strength hangover, but you need to pop out for a bit. Here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to chuck a nice comfy pair of joggers on, perhaps the Stripe Jacquard Trackpants, you’re going to wear a lightweight classic T-Shirt of your choosing, you’re going to wear that Tee underneath a Hoodie – we’re recommending this Fire Dance Hoodie and you’re going to top it all off with a dark coloured Waterproof Sherlock.

Right, now you know how to layer with men’s coats, men’s hoodies, men’s jackets. We’ve done all we can. You’re on your own, kid. Go out there and get creative with your layering.





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