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The Percival Holiday Shop




The Percival Holiday Shop is providing soft-serve British Summertime vibes beside the seaside, shot in beautiful Whitstable, the coastal jewel in the garden of England. We explored the Kentish coastal from top to bottom (of the ocean) in style, taking in all it has to offer whilst clad in our very best summer garms.



We really think the Percival Linen Suit is perfect for exploring the Kentish Riviera.

Accessorising at the beach has a necessary element of practicality. You need a bag big enough to hold your towel, sunglasses, wallet, snacks, etc; that is also heavy enough to avoid being blow away in the gale force winds. You could always weigh it down with the stones and shells you find on your travels or simply pack a change of clothing for paddling in the tumultuous waves.

Finding a tranquil space at the beach is no small feat. We suggest pitching up near a jetty or boatyard, if you don’t mind the constant threat of fishermen. Be ready to roll up your towel, fold up your deck-chair, and deflate your ball when the time comes to get out of there.

Nothing is more rewarding that an ice cold Guiness after a long day of bothering the locals with annecdotes about your life in London.

You can’t beat a trouser, hat, and shirt for a versatile look. Whether you adorn your head with a beach-ready straw number or
a simple cap for the boozer, it’s a timeless look. We like adding some spice with bold colours like our Nawa Diamond Zip Polo
Shirt, or through our signature embroideries like our ever popular nettle zip overshirt

Do not visit Whiststable if you’re an Oyster

One of the key attractions to Whitstable are their world famous oysters. We decided against the 6am low-tide to visit the
farm so frolicked on the shells that litter the seafront outside Whistable Oyster Co., the famous restaurant and oyster farm.
Oysters, please look away now



You’ll need to ensure you’re caffeinated as early as possible, ready for a day of coastal exploring. Whitstable is full of
excellent coffee shops, and one of the last havens you can actually purchase a latte for under £4. We saw this guy in one of
the local shops and had to grab a shot of his Checkerboard Cuban before we left.

We hate to admit it, but this was the first time we’ve actually enjoyed oysters. We always told ourselves it was the texture
that put us off, but after engorging ourselves on a selection of baked oysters from Whitstable Oyster Co. we are converts.
Oysters surely shouldn’t be this big though? They must be putting something in the sea here.



Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.