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Visit Iceland AW21 Lookbook

Christmas is coming early this year (just incase it gets cancelled)

Introducing Percival’s Visit Iceland collection.
What’s that all about? Glad you asked.
To repurpose a tagline: Dad’s gone to Iceland. We’ll let our founder and designer Chris Gove explain…

“My partner Sif, is from Iceland. My kid's half-Icelandic. Recently, I've been learning a lot about sagas (Icelandic legends dating back to the Middle Ages) as we teach her about her heritage.”
“The things that you're thinking about tend to get into your subconscious and I started to find those stories feeding into my design for this winter. ”
“So all of the knitwear especially - the colours, the patterns, the fabrics - relates to Icelandic sagas, landscapes, formations, geology.”
“Visit Iceland. I recommend it.”

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.