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When Harry Met Percival

Percival x Harry Lambert launching 10.11.22

We got to know a bit more about our latest collaborator, renowned stylist Harry Lambert who’s A-list clients include Harry Styles and Emma Corrin, ahead of our Nightshades collection launching next week.


Hey Harry! Tell us a bit about you…

Hey! I’m Harry, I’m a stylist based in London and originally from Norwich.


How do you approach styling?

It depends on the job and client. From an editorial perspective, I usually work on a concept and narrative or idea first and what I want the story to look like. From there, I start thinking about the clothes. The clothes never come first. It’s always the idea that comes first and then I build that world around it. But I always approach styling from a sense of camp and theatre, and joy hopefully!


How did you get into fashion and styling?

I originally studied Photography at university in Kent, so whilst I was studying I started doing photoshoots for the Fashion students. From there, I sort of realised that styling was a job and then started interning in London, as it was easy to commute into London for internships during summer breaks which allowed me to build my network and get my foot in the door. 


Out of all the iconic looks you’ve created, which has been your proudest moment to date?

Probably the Grammy’s performance outfit on Harry (Styles) was my proudest, seeing the number of people grow at his shows from that moment has been a really special thing. And secondly Emma Corrin in the JW Anderson fish dress, it was just a very joyful and fun moment.

Harry Styles & Emma Corrin

Tell us about the inspiration behind the upcoming Percival x Harry Lambert collection, and what ‘Nightshades’ means to you. 

So… I am allergic to the Nightshades, which sounds very glamorous, but it’s not so much. And that is tomatoes, aubergines, peppers. So we thought that it would be fun to turn it on its head and turn my allergy and make it into these fun, joyful characters. Mixed in with my love of the seaside, and the regional British seaside town, this is where the snails come from. The snail was a ride I used to go on in Great Yarmouth, with loads of different characters. We wanted to recreate this with a very joyful crew of characters, which led us to the colour combinations used; mint greens and pastel pinks, ice cream shades. I wanted to create a wardrobe of pieces I’d wear everyday.

That was the main goal, to make pieces that would become go to pieces in people’s wardrobes, with added twists like smiley buttons.



How do you think menswear and men’s style is changing and how do you hope to play into this narrative through your work and clients? 

This collection was really designed to be unisex and for everyone, and non-gendered with loose silhouettes. 

How’s menswear changing? I hope everyone’s up for having a bit more fun, and being a bit more daring with what they wear and I think that’s very positive and exciting. Hopefully this is a really joyful collection that people will enjoy wearing, and people will ask “Where did you get that from? That’s really fun”.


What’s next…

Who knows! Every week is different, I’ve got some projects coming up in Paris, I’m currently in LA. I’m very lucky to be traveling a lot at the moment and having a lot of fun.



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