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Winter Wardrobe Essentials



Freezy does it. Remember that wall in Game Of Thrones? Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here and it might be sticking around for a bit. Whether you love or hate it, winter brings a multitude of options fashion wise – coats (in all their forms, we’re talking trench, pea, shearling), knitwear, layering, overshirts, jersey, the list could go on. With that in mind, here is the top 9 pieces from the Percival wardrobe that we think are essential for the colder months (and beyond), essential in the way they fit, the ways they can we styled and how long they will last. John Snow has literally been spotted in Percival, as if you needed anymore convincing.

Yellow Check Wool Trench Coat

We absolutely love this one. An update on a classic design. Brilliant for layering, oversized, warmth and style, a genuine investment you’ll keep coming back to, and honestly that colourway might be the best thing we’ve ever done.



Forest Casentino Wool Blanket Overshirt

This is a true wintry hero piece. The Casentino can be worn as an outer layer or under a larger coat or jacket for added warmth and comfort. The texture is sublime to the touch, it’s durable, it’s versatile, and that Forest Green is just… the sort of green that would make a pine tree blush.



Roll Neck Ecru

You’ve possibly never rocked a roll neck. You’ve definitely always wanted to rock a roll neck. Remember when Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S went through a roll neck phase, and you were like, “Fuck, he is possibly a bit of a problematic man but he is also easily the most entertaining of the Friends and he is absolutely rocking that roll neck.” You should rock a roll neck. Roll necks are class, and this is the best roll neck. Literally 100% merino wool — come at us.



Gaspari Knitted Vest

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times — autumn and winter are all about layering. Can you imagine a more useful layer than a knitted vest? You can’t. And this one is limited edition, 100% cotton, and inspired by Campari and negronis. Most importantly, it looks fucking superb. Gaspari Knitted Vest — on the list. Tick.



Hikaru Zip Mustard

Another wonderful layering piece. It’s 100% merino wool, it’s got a really nice quarter zip, it comes in a beautiful shade of mustard, and it’s inspired by a modern-day Japanese-American chess child prodigy. A grandmaster and not even old enough to put the lottery on. What a world.



Rust Boucle Pea Coat

A genuine wardrobe staple. The cut is perfect, so we’ve never changed it. The trick is to know when you’re onto something good, and our Pea Coats are the best. You know how you see couples on Instagram who’ve been together for ten minutes and gone all in on a new build house and done a photoshoot on their iphones and captioned it, “Our Forever Home xoxo” and then you sort of growl at your phone and put it down and your blood pressure rises a bit and you think maybe you’ll finally have that aneurysm. Well, this is a forever coat.



Stripe Jacquard Trackpants

It’s getting cold. You’re going to want to do a lot of weekend lounging around the house, watching long films. Really hooking into the hibernation lifestyle. Putting weight on “it’s what bears do” and that obviously applies to you and there’s absolutely no chance you’re putting the heating on in this economic climate. That means you’re going to need some quality trackpants. Look no further. Elasticated waist, comfortable as is physically possible, and they’re stylish enough to leave the house in if you absolutely must go out.



Champion x Percival Circle of Life Hoodie

Champion are the leisurewear godfathers. This hoodie is made from Champion fleece-back cotton. This hoodie is embroidered in London. This hoodie is great for layering, it is as comfortable as… right, how do you describe the comfort of a Champion x Percival Hoodie? It’s like getting a hug from a bear, but the bear is applying just the right amount of pressure — it’s 100% not gonna eat you, and you are aware of that, and you’re just enjoying the hug. It is the clothing equivalent of a cat lying in the sun. It’s like wearing post-exercise euphoria.



Wax Mac

The hood is removable. It’s got inside pockets. It’s totally waterproof. Should we keep talking? It’s stylish and functional, it’s got a fluorocarbon finish (pretty sure that’s what they make rockets or F1 cars or something out of, maybe), and it’s a button down. Add to basket.



There you go. Our top picks for your winter wardrobe, thank us later.





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