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4 Minutes With… Off Menu’s Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Dinner is served. Dream Xmas Menu chat with our latest collab

We love a podcast at Percival. Can’t get enough of ’em, to be honest. A favourite in the office is Off Menu, presented by our friends and award-winning comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster. We’re such fans we’ve rustled up some fan merch – this dessert trolley of Percival x Off Menu embroidered t-shirts. #chefskiss

No doubt Off Menu appeared in your Spotify Wrapped Top 5 Podcasts of the year so you’ll know the form. On each episode, cheese-obsessed Ed and sweet-toothed James invite a guest into their Dream Restaurant and ask them for their perfect starter, main course, side dish, dessert and drink.

So, since it’s the Percival Christmas lunch this week, we thought we’d ask Ed and James to metaphorically shove their hands up the turkey of chat and scoop out the innards of comedy.

However, as on the podcast, we have a secret ingredient that, if mentioned by either guest, will see them both immediately banished from our Christmas shindig into the bleak midwinter that is Hackney Wick. Sounds a bit harsh but we didn’t make the rules – they did. That secret ingredient?


James, Ed – welcome. Nice t-shirts. Let’s plan your dream Christmas lunch. We’re thinking: “festive with a twist.” Usual Off Menu rules apply. Go.


Ed: Cheese board
James: Snowball Supreme

Ed: Wheel of brie
James: Reindeer terrine

Ed: Cheesecake
James: Sugared elf

Ed: Fondue
James: Tinsel smoothie


And yes, James, there is a full cheese plate. It’s Christmas.

James: Fuck you.

You’re very welcome. You each get to bring a guest from your podcast. Who are you bringing, and why?

Ed: Miriam Margolyes. You always need someone to start the farts. 

James: The Great Benito because he’s so jolly just like Father Christmas. 


We’ve had a sneak peek and the Christmas cracker jokes aren’t up to much. (Example: Q. Who is Santa’s favourite singer? A. Elf-is Presley. See?) Got any better ones?

Ed: Who is Santa’s Favourite Singer? Turkey Presley 

James: Nah that’s great. Very very funny.


Hmm. What’s the dress code?

Ed: Putting the fun in funeral. Black suit but with a tinsel tie.

James: Dress code is cool. I then dress head to toe in Off Menu Percival collab wear.

You’ve understood the assignment here, James. OK, you’ve got control of the office Spotify. What are you sticking on for the occasion?

Ed: The Off Menu podcast but I turn it down for all James’s bits. 

James: The Off Menu podcast. 

Shameless. Secret Santa time. Ed, you’ve drawn our boss Chris Gove. James, you’ve got Ed. (What are the chances!) Price limit is £20. What are you getting? 

Ed: A pack of cigs and 4 strawberry yogs. 

James: Percival vouchers. 

We’re wrapping the presents (i.e. some stuff we found in the office). So everyone’s getting an embroidered Percival x Off-Menu t-shirt! Got a favourite?

Ed: The Pizza Faces. Being cheese is my dream. 

James: You bet I do! Ice cream 4 life!

If you were going to smother your faces in pizza toppings, what would they be?

Ed: Pineapple. It doesn’t belong on pizza but what a refreshing face mask!

James: Chocolate spread and marshmallow. 


If you were to come up with your own flavour of Ed & James ice cream, what flavour would it be?

Ed: Cheese and biscuits (cheesecake topping with digestive chunks). 

James: Ed would taste like Ben and I would taste like Jerry. 


Best Christmas movie/TV to pass out in front of with a food coma?

Ed: Mama Santa’s XXXmas Gangbang 7

James: Off Menu. 


Oh. Forgot to ask you for your favourite side dish. 

Ed: Wotsits

James: A single cranberry


Cranberry? Get out! But also, Merry Christmas.

Binge-listen to the Off Menu podcast:

Buy the entire Percival x Off Menu merch range:

Wear all of the t-shirts at once to see Ed Gamble live on tour:

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