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4 Ways to Wear Casentino Wool



Casentino wool was originally used to make cloaks for shepherds in 14th Century Tuscany. In fact, it’s such a durable and warm material that they even used it for animals. Basically anyone or anything spending a lot of time outdoors in the 14th Century — whack some Casentino on it. You see, the sheep in Tuscany grew fairly rough coats. They’d process the sheeps’ wool and brush the resultant cloth in a process called rattinatura (literally ‘rattling’). That produced the infamous nobbly, rough cloth we use to this day. It’s soft to the touch, yet extremely weather resistant, durable, and warm, and now it’s not just for shepherds and Italian horses.

We’re big Casentino fans here at Percival, but you already knew that. Our Men’s Casentino Blanket Overshirt is one of our all-time bestsellers and a true Perci staple. We’ve been hard at work in the workshop, and we’re proud to present a whole new range of Casentino future classics.


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Read More About The History Of the Casentino

Casentino Blanket Overshirts

First up, we’ve added new colourways to our classic Casentino Blanket Overshirts, or as some might say, Shackets. You can now choose from Espresso, Grey, Mustard, Navy, Orange, Forest, Electric Blue, Black, Autumnal Check, Windowpane Check, and Blackwatch. Alternatively you could collect all of them and match them to your mood on any given day. So can the newcomers Anderson Zip Overshirt in Espresso and Anderson Zip Overshirt in Forest



Casentino Fleece Quarter-Zips


Next, there’s the Casentino Fleece available in Mustard or Black. It’s cut to the hip, and features a quarter-zip, two pockets — one over the left breast and one kangarooesque pouch, and the finest Casentino Wool money can buy. No brainer.



Casentino Wool Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jackets have been an ever-present part of the cultural zeitgeist since the early 1900s. They’ve been adapted and adopted by various groups of people to fit their specific needs. Punks preferred leather; American universities, sports teams, and fraternities preferred softer materials and stitched their respective emblems onto them in their chosen colours; pilots used them for, well, for work. The Bomber Jacket for 2023 is versatile and for everyone, and it’s made by us, from Tuscan Casentino Wool.



Casentino Wool Trousers


And now the wild card. The treasure you never knew you needed. Casentino Trackpants. We’re not kidding. They’re a passion project of ours and we think we might’ve changed the world. We’re not insane — we’ve designed them with a quarter-lining of twill at the area you’re going to want to sit on. They’re comfy, they’re warm, they’re tough, and they’re ideal for lounging, walking the dog, or going to the pub. They’re ideal for pretty much everything, actually. We’ve done it. We’ve completed the trouser.



If you’re not converted to Casentino club by now, you never will be. So either go live your empty little Casentino Wool-free life, or fill up your cart with Casentino joy now.


Shop the Full Men’s Casentino Collection

Read The History Of The Casentino


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