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Cautionary Tales


Inspired by the stories our parents told us as kids, the Percival AW23 collection, Cautionary Tales, is here to tempt you. Hansel & Gretel warned us not to trust strangers, Little Red Riding Hood similarly. We’re not sure about that. Strangers can be nice. Goldilocks was supposed to teach us about the dangers of greed, but we think she was just being resourceful, to be honest. 

Cautionary Tales questions the sense of some of these cautionary tales via the classic medium of mohair mastered knitwear, crochet crewnecks, gradient boucle shirts, detailed embroidery shirts and outerwear. Layers upon layers of autumnal, wintrous pieces worthy of their own folk tales. You’ll find Japanese fabrics, original prints, detailed gilets, and a puffer coat with custom jacquard tape. Heavyweight sweats and, excitingly, updated trouser fittings and fabrics. We’re rewriting the old storybook this AW23, join us, but beware, if you go down to the woods today you’re in for an absolute treat.


SHOP AW23: CaUtionary Tales

SHOP AW23: CaUtionary Tales

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.