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New Arrivals - Percival x ILARIA
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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. This marketing communication has been approved as a Financial Promotion by Crowdcube Capital Ltd (FCA no. 650205) on 09/02/2024

Driven by the community: Now Own the Brand

Become a Shareholder of Percival

Percival is a DtC menswear challenger brand, that has always put our customers and our community first. It’s only right that as we move to take Percival global, we take the community with us… as owners.





We feel that the world of menswear is dominated by fast fashion and dry brands. All opaque, too exclusive and unaffordable products.

Focusing on inclusivity, not exclusivity, Percival takes a different approach by using a high-margin, flexible DTC business model tailored to the modern man. A transparent community driven challenger brand with a vision to use football, comedy and responsible manufacturing as its inclusive values, releasing limited edition collections throughout the year.



We offer a versatile product line, spanning clothing and accessories that targets a global demographic, securing a foothold in the market has resulted in support from celebrities such as Justin Bieber, The Rock, David Beckham, Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds, Michael B Jordan and Matthew McConaughey (plus many more) wearing our products organically.

A lot of our early progress was bootstrapped. We’ve raised a total £3.15m from VGC Partners + angel investors over 2 rounds in 2018 & 2021.



Our Plans

In 2024, the revenue in the Men’s Apparel market worldwide amounts to a staggering US$573.50bn.
This market is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 2.83% (CAGR 2024-2027).

We want to grow the brand in the UK and internationally by 2027 and start to dominate global menswear market share.


Acquire Customers

We will support growth areas we already know how to do. Our US D2C sales were 28%of the total business in 2023, and after we launch in Nordstrom and Saks NYC in March, we will bolster our customer acquisition in the territory with targeted digital marketing.


Localised Experiences

As we grow, we will make our site experience native to all territories, offering different languages and localised checkouts




From £10 – Personal business update directly from Chris.

From £100 – 20% off, valid for 6 months.

From £500 – 20% off, valid for one year, complimentary personal shopping appointments and early access to sale. 250 loyalty points.

From £1000 – 20% off for life, complimentary personal shopping appointments, early access to sale and a private event for you and your mates at Percival Arms. Immediate promotion to our membership loyalty tier 2, The Library and 500 loyalty points.

From £5000 – 25% off for life, a special birthday gift, complimentary personal shopping appointments, early access to sale and private event for you and your mates at Percival Arms. Immediate promotion to our membership loyalty tier 3, The Terrace and 750 loyalty points.

From £10,000 – 30% off for life, guaranteed access to all events, free repairs, private party hosted by Chris Gove, personalised Sherlock jacket. Invited to private whatsapp group with Chris Gove and Terry Donovan, and 1000 loyalty points.

From £20,000 and over – An invite to a special advisory group with free product, custom pieces and exclusive quarterly dinners and a direct line to management and investors.


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We’ve partnered with Crowdcube because they share our conviction that the best way for a business to grow is to empower its community to invest in a cause they believe in.



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