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How To Style A Trench Coat



What actually is a trench coat? Why do we have them? Where do they come from? The clue’s in the name. Trench coats were originally worn by British and French soldiers during World War One, an alternative to the heavier serge greatcoats of the time. Many soldiers stuck with their trusted trench coats after the war, and a cultural icon entered the mainstream for the first time. Humphrey Bogart wore the absolute bollocks off a trench coat in Casablanca, Jimmy Stewart had half of Bedford Falls swooning over him and his trench in It’s A Wonderful Life, and Columbo solved 69 separate crimes in his signature trench. And then there’s Sherlock Holmes, whose name we put on our timeless Sherlock Waterproofs, with his plentiful pockets full of magnifying glasses and cocaine, notebooks and morphine (we’re not advocating this type of pocket usage — Holmes was a very dysfunctional fictional character — but you really can get all sorts of stuff in those pockets). Trench coats aren’t going anywhere, so you should know how to wear a trench coat properly, specifically our best selling Sherlock.

With A Hoodie

A good trench coat can do wonders for the humble hoodie. A hoodie and jeans is great — nobody’s dissing a hoodie and jeans, but adding a trench coat as an outer layer really lifts this fit. The trench adds length and ties the top and bottom half together, as well as giving a bit of sophistication to a classic comfy fit. Just make sure your colours are complimenting each other and you’re onto a winner. We recommend a nice pair of trainers with this fit, as smart shoes and a hoodie is a difficult combo to pull off — an unnecessary risk that could throw the whole fit.



With An Overshirt

We’ve got a Blanket Overshirt made of Casentino Wool, we call it the Casentino and, honestly, one of those beneath a Sherlock… you’re turning heads. We’ve tried it. It’s like walking down the street with a massive magnet attached to your upper body in a world in which everybody you pass has eyes made of pure iron. The rough texture of the Casentino combined with the smooth, clean lines of Sherlock — perfection.



With Knitwear

For a clean look on a milder day, a Brushed Wool Crew Neck provides an ideal background for the trench work on — light and breezy. If it’s a bit chilly out there we recommend a Raglan Knit Sweater or a Roll Neck for added texture and warmth, smoothed off and protected from the elements by the waterproof Sherlock. Big scholar vibes.



With A Suit

James Stewart has never worn a bad outfit. The man was fucking impeccable. In the aforementioned It’s A Wonderful Life he wore a perfectly cut trench coat over a three-piece suit and it might be the best anybody has ever looked. He had people to meet, errands to run, legacies to continue, brothers to sacrifice his own dreams for, hearts to break, communities to save — and it all would’ve been impossible without that trench. Allow us to point you toward our Wool Tailored Blazers and matching Tailored Trousers and Ties. Pair that fit with a trench — you literally cannot go wrong.



There you have it, a Percival guide to styling our best-selling coat – waterproof, exquisitely made and versatile, what more could you want? 





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