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Linen vs Cotton: Fabric Guide

Linen is not cotton. Cotton is not linen. Zoey Dechanel is not Katy Perry.


Cotton vs Linen

Who says that men can’t have it all? Nobody. Nobody has ever said that. Especially when it comes to fabric.

Linen and cotton are both luxurious, stylish and feel great, so if you want to wear mens linen suits AND mens cotton suits, then you go for it!

But, if you have to make the difficult, life-altering decision between the two, then we are Here. For. You.



Is Linen Cotton?

Linen is not cotton. Cotton is not linen. Zoey Dechanel is not Katy Perry. Even though they look similarish, they actually come from different species and have quite different qualities. The same can be said for linen and cotton. *snorts at own joke*



Differences between linen and cotton

The Cotton, 7000 years old, various sub-tropical continents:
Hi there! I’m open to anything, will comfort you in hard times. I’m a big softie but also fantastic in bed.

Linen, 30,000 years old, Egypt:
Well, hello. I’m strong, around for the long-term, but will give you plenty of breathing space. May appear slightly stiff at first, but I’ll get softer the more you get to know me.


Texture & Appearance


The Although what really counts is what’s underneath the suit (that’s you, darling), the two fabrics do have differences in how they feel and look.

Linen fibres are thicker than cotton fibres so may feel crisp initially, but after time, will become softer and more supple. Whereas cotton feels softer and silkier and looks smoother.




We know what you’re really wondering – who would win in a fight? Cotton vs Linen? Well, linen is 30% stronger than cotton so it could probably take it out. And even after taking cotton down, it can last years, even decades.

Cotton is also strong but doesn’t last quite as long (2-5 years) But either way, they’ll both outlive your dreams of becoming a dancer.




If you’re debating over cotton or linen summer mens clothes and want to avoid your back looking like a Rorschach test, then the key work here is ‘Wick.’ Not John Wick, although that would be an interesting diversion.

Although both are breathable and absorb moisture, pure linen fabric actually wicks it away – meaning it draws the sweat from your skin and dries quickly. Now there’s a fact to take down the pub!


Cost of fabric


Natural linen fabric is considered to be classy, luxurious – the Grey Poupon mustard of the fashion world, if you like. It is more expensive than cotton (The Colman’s) because linen isn’t as widely grown and is much more sweat-inducing to produce (let’s hope they’re wearing natural linen then! Oh, stop.)




Both organic linen and cotton get gold stars for protecting the planet. Although linen does reach the rocket faster as it uses considerably fewer resources than cotton. You get a special treat on Friday, linen!


Does linen shrink?

Like Sharon Osbourne on ozempic, natural linen fabric will shrink – but only by about 1-3%, when you first wash it. You can lessen the effect though, by making sure you wash it in cold water, use a gentle detergent and don’t overload the machine. Who needs clean underpants anyway?


What happens if linen gets wet?

As long as you don’t feed it after midnight, it should be fine. And as long as the water is cold and not full of eels, it should also be fine.

Is linen hotter than cotton?

Hotter in terms of, ‘Come to mama?’. No.

Hotter in terms of, ‘My elbows are now sweating?’. Also, no.

Linen is equally as sexually-attractive as cotton, but natural linen fabric will keep you cooler in hot weather as it is not only more breathable, but it wicks too. (see above, I really can’t explain it again).


Which clothes are better in linen fabric?

All clothes are better in natural linen fabric, especially summer clothes – trousers, shirts, jackets, blazers, shorts, suits, lightweight linen sweaters, polo shirts, button ups, button downs.


Except maybe socks. And underwear. And swimming trunks.



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