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 Percival & Champion: The Best But Better 


How can you beat a perfectly placed bottom corner finish? Well, A rabona from the half way line of course. This is our fifth take on a must-have Champion classics, pushing them that extra step, the Perci Way.




Champion are the best. That’s why they’re called Champion. More masterfully designed leisurewear you will not find anywhere in the world. What happens if you make the best better, though? Can’t be done, surely. WRONG. We’ve taken Champion’s infamous sweats design, and made it even better with our renowned eye for detail. How have we improved upon the best? Keep reading, champ.





Did you know there are over 200 scout badges to be earned in the UK? It would take you over four years if you did one per week without fail. We like to stick to our London roots here at Percival, and we also happen to think those scout badges are low-key brilliant. Robert Baden-Powell — founder of the Scout Movement — was born in Paddington, London. What if we designed our own scout badges with the finest embroidery money can buy, and put them on a Champion sweatshirt? Pats on the back all round, high-fives, a few audible WOOOOOOs in the meeting room, and now that moment of creative genius has borne its fruit.





You can have a closer look at the new Percival & Champion SS23 collection below, featuring world record-holding football freestyler Daniel Cutting, basketballer and UK Dunk Champ Joel Henry, and British tennis ace Liam Broady being the best at their discipline… and then being improved upon. You know, like Champion and Percival. Do you see what we’ve done? Featuring Comedian Lloyd Griffith.



Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.