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Percival People: Rhys James

After gracing our televisions screens with appearances on Mock The Week and Live at The Apollo, stand up comedian Rhys James is finally taking a break from his superstar lifestyle to answer a few questions about things like suits and getting married, thanks Rhys.

Rhys! Thanks for joining us to chat about weddings, you clearly have a lot to say about them! Have you got any fun weddings in the diary for this year?

Oh, that wasn’t me. That was Jack Salmon, he’s a sigma male lifestyle guru. But I do agree with some of what he says. Ultimately my main concerns with weddings are: don’t make us pay for drinks – either you can afford a free bar, or you can’t afford to get married. Don’t mix up the tables – those are your uni mates, not mine. And don’t make the evening food fancy – we’re battered, we need melted cheese.

The only wedding I have in the diary this year is of comedian Glenn Moore and Katie Storey which hopefully ticks at least one of these boxes.



We loved your wedding tips, definitely going to be adding some to our repertoire. What’s your go to look for a wedding, will you be trying anything new?

I typically keep it very classic, with not a lot of risk, but more recently I’ve been getting into deconstructed suits with Doc Martens. The Shoryu tie that Percival no longer stock often makes an appearance, too. Really got my eye on the green seersucker percival suit for the aforementioned Moore-Storey shindig though.


‘Spilt Milk’ is touring all around the UK during April and May, what can the Perci fans expect at the show?

Some more opinions on the idea of marriage (it’s just saying “bet you half your stuff you won’t love me forever”), a very simple way to improve how we do New Years resolutions, a beef with Wim Hof and a long overdue look at the dynamics between Britain’s Got Talent’s 2009 rival dance troupes ‘Flawless’ and ‘Diversity’. Plus there’s some cool lights at one point which is fun, isn’t it?





Are you taking some time off after your tour, what holiday destinations are you heading to this summer?

I’m going to Sri Lanka at the start of next year. That’s the big one. In the meantime, I have become obsessed with the idea of ‘writing retreats’, and phrases like ‘italian lake’ and ‘swiss hills’ are floating around my subconscious. Usually what happens is I let all that marinate until I get so overworked and stressed, I snap and book something incredibly last minute for too much money, rendering the previous hard work null and void. Can’t wait!


Any perci-garms you have your eye on for your travels?

You can never have too many linen cubans on holiday. Have also been increasing my cuban knit collection of late, and there’s a few knitted polos that have caught my eye. I got to try the seersucker shorts for this shoot too and I was very tempted to sneak them out under my trousers. But I didn’t, ok? That wasn’t me. That was Jack Salmon.



With appearances on Mock The Week and Live at The Apollo, stand up comedian Rhys James Comedian is with Percival Menswear to answer a few questions about suits and getting married.

Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.