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Styling Guide: What To Wear In Spring

The trees are blossoming, the birds are singing Scatman, and you are sweating like the chipmunk on the Masked Singer because you are wearing a vest, a shirt, a wool jumper, and a tweed coat. Nobody told you the temperature had gone up by TWO DEGREES. 

Spring is possibly the most confusing of all the fashion-transitional seasons. Too chilly for shorts (don’t @ me), too warm for your favourite snood, too windy for your antique parasol. 

What you need, my friend, is layers. Just three at the most – a base layer, a mid-layer, and yes you guessed it – the upper-middle layer. Just kidding, it’s the top layer. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know to create the perfect Mens Spring Outfit…



What are spring clothes?

First of all, well done you for asking what some people may consider an obvious question. As we said above (you’ve read from the beginning, right?) spring is all about layering. 

Your base layers will be mostly invisible, but the collar will probably be on show so why not go for a colourful t-shirt rather than your greying thermal vest. A knotted neckerchief doesn’t count as a base layer btw. 

The mid-layer should also be just warm enough for comfort on cooler spring days, but not too heavy to make you feel uncomfortable. So, not your Avocado Oodie from Temu. Try a light men’s shirt instead or a light sweater instead. 

And finally, the true hero of spring – the top layer. Strong enough to protect you from drizzle, light enough to whip off at the glimpse of an IPA in London Fields. A light jacket or even an overshirt will do nicely.

What is the best fabric for spring wear?


See ya, wool, So long, cable knit. I HATE YOU FLANNEL. Linen and cotton are your go-to fabrics for summer. Layer them up (maximum of three or you will die) and they’ll keep you warm. Layer them down (one by one or as above) and they’re breathable enough to keep you cool. 



What are spring colours for clothing?

Put. Down. The. Black Shirt. There you go, that wasn’t too hard was it? Now let’s move onto the Navys. 

Spring is no time for dark colours. Not only do they instantly absorb that 13 degree heat like a sponge, they also just look… wrong. 

‘Tis the season for yellow, pink, lavender and green. And white (although a 6-year old told me it’s not technically a colour). 

If this scares you, then you can just lighten up your favourite dark colours. Although we will all not-so-quietly judge you. 



*licks finger and puts it in the air* I predict rich red, ocean blue, and ‘energising’ green for spring/summer 2024. And of course pastels such as pale yellow and lavender are always on trend for spring. And if you really can’t say goodbye to those darker shades (or cannot be trusted with an entirely pale-coloured outfit) they’ll look great paired with black, grey and navy pants. 

What do guys wear for spring?

Some men choose to cover themselves entirely in the blossom of a cherry tree. Others like casual linen trousers paired with a t-shirt or a polo shirt. How about some cotton trousers with a crisp white shirt? Or a classic white t-shirt with a patterned shirt and some light cotton trousers. It’s really entirely up to you. But also do exactly as we tell you. 


Ok, now this is a worthwhile Google search. An overshirt is a confusing-sounding thing. It sounds like something you wore to do potato-printing when you were five. 

An overshirt is not quite a shirt, not quite a jacket, and perfect for Spring. You can wear it over a light sweater or even another shirt. And it will keep your mid and base-layers perfectly protected from any sudden gusts of wind or flying potato paint.


What type of jacket is best for spring?

Layering is all well and good, until the temp rises to a balmy 16 degrees and you have to start de-layering. Where are you supposed to put your sweater? Tie it round your neck like George Constanza? You can, and that would be awesome. 

But that’s why a light jacket is important for spring. Not only so you don’t gently sous-vide to death, but also because you can fold it 27 times and fit it in your fanny pack! 




If Brad Pitt, official ballboy of Wimbledon 2023, wore one last summer – you can definitely wear a knit polo shirt this spring. The knitted polo shirt is the perfect mid-layer for spring – it’s cosy, yet breathable. It can be styled in a multitude of ways. It’s cooler than classic polo, but not as bleh as an Oxford shirt. 

And y’know, Brad Pitt.




The Webster Dictionary defines a cardigan as… a cardigan. You know what a cardigan is, right? So presumably you are googling ‘cardigan’ to check they are still acceptable to wear in public? 

Yes. Yes they are. In fact they are a perfect mid-layer (see above – re mid-layer in case it’s not blindingly obvious). They could even be promoted to top-layer, over a t-shirt and light shirt. You go, cardigan! 


Can you wear cardigans in spring?

No. It’s actually illegal. My friend once wore a cardigan in May and is now serving seven months in the cooler. I can’t get away with saying ‘cooler’.

You CAN wear cardigans in spring. You SHOULD wear cardigans in spring. They are the perfect mid-layer or top-layer. 

However, they WILL NOT work as a base-layer. Just imagine. No, don’t.




Yes, it’s crochet. Yes, it’s a shirt. Yes, your style-impaired friends may make jokes about tea-cosies. Let them laugh! The crochet shirt has been a style staple since last summer and it is still going strong. It is perfect as a mid-layer for spring because guess what – it has holes! Wear over a white t-shirt, under a jacket or overshirt. And maybe find some cooler friends.


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