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The Receptionist Collection



In total contrast to the message Game of Thrones tried to drum into us for eight series, winter is leaving. The solstice came and went after a flurry of snow, and it’s all progressively longer days until midsummer, baby! We don’t know about you, but we were watching White Lotus through the winter, and all that Sicilian sunshine and frankly audacious warm weather drip got us feeling that warm breeze on our sea-salt nourished skin. It had us longing for the hotel lobby as we prepare for a night of sampling the local food and wine, whilst a street performer plays passionate melodies on his nylon-stringed acoustic guitar.

We were feeling inspired, so we came up with The Receptionist Collection. Full of linen, knitted shirts, and even a brand new Mock Neck Knitted Jumper for when the evening breeze hits. We’ve been scrolling through it on our coffee breaks, imagining the idyllic places we’re going to book holidays for purely as an excuse to wear the whole collection. Let’s focus on some of the items included in The Receptionist Collection.

Receptionist Mock Neck Knitted Jumper

Made with bouclé cotton for a satisfying texture, this mock neck is perfect for those evenings when you just have to admit to yourself that you’d have a better time with an extra layer on. Available in navy or white options, it’s a classic fit that’s never gone out of style. The jewel in its crown is that lovely pocket with the embroidered Percival logo, though. That’s a really nice touch.



Pleated Denton Jacket

Speaking of Pleated Denton Jackets, they’re also included in The Receptionist Collection. The key to this one is that it looks and feels like suede, but it’s actually made from cotton – a lighter, breezier material. We’ve done some trickery. The Pleated Denton is designed for all seasons and is going to top off your holiday outfit nicely, sitting over a Knitted Shirt and a pair of Linen Trousers. The absolute palle di cane. That’s the dog’s bollocks.



Linen Tailored Blazer Jacket

These 100% linen jackets are now available in black, which is huge. It means you can now indulge in matching black Linen Tailored Blazer and Linen Tailored Trousers, and you could realistically wear them for getting back to work in January. Like a test run for your holidays. A reminder to yourself that better times are around the corner.



Receptionist Short Sleeve Knitted Shirt

We don’t want to say we’re single-handedly responsible for the knitted shirt cementing its place as a contemporary summer staple, but we are, so… Percival does knitted shirts better than anyone else. The Receptionist Short Sleeve Knitted Shirt follows along the lines of its cousin (that lovely Mock Neck Knitted Jumper) in that it’s made from bouclé cotton for added texture, and features that same intricate embroidery on the left breast.

It’s also available in navy or white options, and pairs wonderfully with a pair of linen trousers or a Pleated Denton Jacket. Or both. Jackets and trousers aren’t mutually exclusive items of clothing.






Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.