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What Is Twill? – 2024 Styling & Care Guide

What is twill fabric?


Twill isn’t a fabric per se, but a type of weave. Horizontal threads are woven over two vertical threads, then under to vertical threads, over two, under two etc. Each horizontal thread is offset from the previous one by one vertical thread, creating a diagonal pattern. Get your magnifying glass out and have a look at your shirts — go twill hunting in your wardrobe. Fun game.



Product: Launching for AW23

What material is twill?


Cotton. Almost always cotton. You can use cotton twill patterns to make all kinds of fabrics, though: denim, chino, and tweed are all variations of twill.

Does cotton twill shrink?

Cotton twill can shrink, especially if it’s 100% cotton. It should be fine in the wash but you’ll have to be careful with the dryer, as always. Try not to expose your cotton twill to high temperatures when washing and drying.



Does cotton twill stretch?

Not really, no. Cotton twill is strong and it doesn’t lose its shape easily. Make sure to measure yourself properly and be sure of your measurements before you buy. Leave yourself a few centimetres of wiggle room just to be on the safe side — there’s nothing worse than robot arms and popping buttons.



Does cotton twill wrinkle?

Cotton twill is pretty wrinkle-resistant. Its distinctive diagonal weave pattern makes it very unlikely to wrinkle, which is terrible news for your iron or your steamer. As far as we know, irons haven’t unionised yet, but if they were sentient and knew about cotton twill, they probably would and should. Big steamy picket lines. Anyway…



Is cotton twill good for summer?


As with all fabrics, there are pros and cons to twill depending on the occasion. Twill is softer than standard poplin cotton, it’s crease resistant and hangs beautifully, creating an elegant and relaxed silhouette which is perfect for the summer. Our Cavalry Twill Workshirt is absolutely spot-on as an outer layer in the summer months.

Is twill breathable?

Yep. Don’t get us wrong — it’s not linen, but as a cotton weave it’s still breathable and will allow that sundried fresh air to keep your skin nice and cool.




Is twill comfortable?

Comfort is one of twill’s trump cards. It’s smooth as a dolphin’s upper lip and lighter than the old fella’s ballooned-up house in Up! Twill is a bit thicker than poplin cotton, which only adds to the pleasant skin feel.



Are twill pants good for summer?


Twill pants are a good choice for summer as they’re breathable and you can wear them over and over without them losing shape or creasing. They’re also a great partner for a Cuban collar shirt or a linen shirt.

Are twill pants comfortable?

Our cotton twill Straight Leg Trousers come with plenty of width in the leg so they’re comfortable to move in and allow for plenty of breathability and airflow. They also come in NINE (9) colours. You’re going to love them.

You know what’s got even more legroom than Straight Leg Trousers? Cotton twill Wide Leg Trousers. As comfortable as comfortable gets. You won’t even know you’re wearing them. Make sure you are wearing them, though.



What to wear with twill pants?

In the summer, a good shirt is going to compliment your twill pants perfectly. You could go double twill with our Foragers Overshirt made with embroidered cotton twill, or this beautiful Cul de Sac Overshirt. They’ll also look great with a good Cuban Shirt. You simply can’t go wrong with a good shirt and a good pair of trousers.



What is a twill shirt?


A twill shirt is a cotton shirt just like your ordinary poplin cotton shirts, but a bit more luxurious. No need for ironing, a little thicker, and wonderfully smooth.



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