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Percival x What Willy Cook: The Lookbook

An Apple A Day

Ahead of our Percival x What Willy Cook Merch collection dropping, we caught up with Will to chat merch, cooking and Christmas.


Hey Will! Talk us through the new merch collection.

Well basically what it is, is a load of really high quality tee shirts, a couple of tea towels and a hat with some silly drawings on them. Pamela Corianderson had to have her own space on the back of a tee shirt really. The Apple isn’t fond of doctors, in fact he despises them. Just two nice little characters you can now wear or dry your wet plates and bowls and cutlery with.


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For anyone that hasn’t checked out your channels before, what can they expect from @whatwillycook

Average cookery and silly voiceovers. Dishes that aren’t difficult to cook in a format that will hopefully stifle a chuckle; and the occasional musical number.


Christmas is fast approaching, what will you be getting up to this silly season and more importantly, what will you be cooking.

I’ll be eating, drinking and being merry for a good few days I reckon. The turkey has been ordered, it’s the size of the fridge. It’ll be like cooking a fucking dinosaur. There’s only four of us for Christmas day but everyone knows you get a massive turkey so that you can make wicked sandwiches in the nether-zone days – plus my dad makes a great turkey curry. 


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Which Percival bits have you got on your Christmas list.

Not any of this stuff. Imagine wearing a tee shirt with your own bloody name on it. No thanks. Footballers can just about get away with it but not me. A lot of the outerwear you’ve been producing lately has given me fizzy nuts, particularly the jazzier overshirts.


What’s up next for What Willy Cook in 2024…

MUCH more omelettes…


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Unfortunately this size is no longer in stock.